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Thursday, 25 January, 2007

  • Newsnight
  • 25 Jan 07, 05:22 PM

scotland_bbc_203.jpgYou may remember our reporter Angus Stickler's film which exposed the behaviour of Pastor Dieudonne Tukala who accuses children at his church of witchcraft. Tukala preaches his self styled gospel - and in his own words - it's a gospel of brutality. One boy whom he diagnosed as a witch was later branded with an iron by his father because he believed his son was a witch. But after a ten month investigation, the police said they are unable to charge the pastor. Campaigners are calling for new laws to make it a criminal offence to demonise children.

Also, should TV phone-in quizzes be better regulated? And would scrapping GMT cut carbon emissions?

Join Kirsty at 2230GMT on BBC Two and on the website for Thursday's programme and leave your thoughts below.

TV phone-in quizzes

  • Newsnight
  • 25 Jan 07, 02:17 PM

tvquiz_phone203i.jpgTonight we'll be looking at call in quiz television shows that offer big cash prizes. A parliamentary committee has said some of the shows are "misleading viewers", and some contestants are at risk of being "ripped off" by unfair questions and premium rate fees. Do you think the industry should be better regulated? What are your personal experiences? Do you think people should just take responsibility for their actions.

Join the debate here.

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