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  • 18 Dec 06, 06:05 PM

omn203.jpgTime Magazine's person of the year this year is every one of our Oh My Newsnight winners. In fact it's everyone who entered and everyone who watched them. The magazine's thesis is that the internet means the story of our age is one of global communities, of a greater equivalence.

Tapping into this feeling is of course Oh My Newsnight, our film competition. Thousands voted and below are the five winners. But you will have to watch Newsnight each night this week to find out which are runners up (to be shown Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) which is our editor's choice (to be shown on Thursday) and which is the overall winner (to be broadcast Friday).

But for now you can watch where they originally made their mark - on that great level playing field on which we are all stars by Time Magazine's reckoning, the web.

The winning films - to be shown this week are (in the order they originally appeared):






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  • 1.
  • At 08:40 PM on 18 Dec 2006,
  • paul mitchell wrote:

very worthwhile and powerful.

  • 2.
  • At 11:33 PM on 18 Dec 2006,
  • Philip wrote:

What on earth are you doing with Newsnight?!

First you destroy the Friday Night Review by somehow managing to replace any intelligent, reflective and original minds with the fawning gibbons who mouth platitudes to whatever gcse media studies course they took and never moved beyond.

I haven't heard an original thought expressed on that show since Mark Kermode got a regular spot.

And who decided pop music was a suitable topic - so often!

And now, after I have finally decided to avoid the second half of a Friday night Newsnight in case I throw my television out of the window in the faint hope that some feedback might knock some sense into Paul Morley after hge descirbes, with such insight, how Clint Eastwood's new film is "just too 'Clint'"! How is that an opnioin? What new information does that entail? What insight? Do I need to listen to this moron-icary?

And now. Avoiding Friday's review like a plague of Turner prizes, I find that Newnight itself has turned to UTube for it's content.

What is the point of a title such as newsnight (yes, the clue IS in the title) when you offer graffiti as accompaniment.

I'M NOT INTERESTED. If I were I would be looking at UTube or that 5 minute slot after the Channel 4 news. What's wrong with your producer? Did they get turned down for a lottery grant and feel they have to inflict their bleeding community project heart on the rest of us?

Why not just replace Jeremy Paxman with a Blue Peter presenter and have done with the pretence.

Sad in Southwark

  • 3.
  • At 06:16 AM on 19 Dec 2006,
  • Carly wrote:

I cant belive you included Columbia when it has been around for so long. I hope you don't give the person who sent it in the credit for this film, as it would be very undeserved. And how typical to include London, which although heartwarming, is about as innovative as bread. Good call on the other three i must say, but i swear if the winner or the editors choice is bloody London, i am straight down to the capital itself to kick some Newsnight ass!!!

  • 4.
  • At 09:56 AM on 19 Dec 2006,
  • chris wrote:

Carly et al

As I understood it, the winner is the film that will be shown on Friday night.

I too thought London was extremely light and actually quite annoying - not much more than an ad for London, probably backed by Red Ken. I mean who doesn't know the transient and cosmopolitan nature of London? It's not a new phenomenon, London is one of the most famous /popular capitals in the world - second after New York?

Ditto Columbia, I simply don't understand that, after what was said on the blog, and I really think the inclusion needs justifying, I reserve judgement in case there is a perfectly bona fide media-luvvy reason that I don't understand.

  • 5.
  • At 11:57 AM on 19 Dec 2006,
  • Alan wrote:

For the sheer simplicity of the message on Malawi, I do hope this turns up on Friday as the deserving winner. Spend £5 and not only feed a child for a year but get them to school where they may actually learn how to best help themselves. What a simple solution!!
The others do have their merits of course and well done to them for getting to the final week.

  • 6.
  • At 12:02 PM on 19 Dec 2006,
  • Guy Rowland wrote:

Having just read Media Guardian's interview with the Newsnight Editor (Barron?) I now realise why what used to be one of my favourite programmes has become such a load of rubbish that I hardly bother to watch anymore.

I couldnt agree more with Paxman that this Oh My Newsnight nonsense just isnt what Newsnight should be doing, and as for that ethical man and other similar stunts, im sorry but its just boring and not news. I can see that Newsnight is trying to become more hip and down with the kids but it just doesnt work. whats wrong with being a serious news and politics review programme, its not as if there are anyother decent ones around.

  • 7.
  • At 12:14 PM on 19 Dec 2006,
  • Sonny wrote:

Sonny’s predictions

The Cuban film will take 1st place on Friday night.

The Colombian film will be one of the 3 runners up.

Dole and Malawi are little trickier as they are similar. I reckon Dole will take the runners up place leaving Malawi for the Editors Choice on Thursday.


Note: I am not affiliated with the BBC/Newsnight in anyway.

  • 8.
  • At 03:25 PM on 19 Dec 2006,
  • chris wrote:

I think 'Oh My Newsnight' has been a very interesting exercise. There are obviously many talented young documentary makers out there who don't stand a chance of having their work looked at seriously----giving them 2 minutes of glory might be the beginning of a whole career for them. Why all the griping? Several of the topics covered were very serious.

  • 9.
  • At 07:08 PM on 19 Dec 2006,
  • Maria wrote:

I cannot understand Jeremy Paxman's dismissive attitude to this film competitiion. Most of the 2 minute shorts from these fledgling film makers were newsworthy (although "London" couldn't claim to be). Similarly, I am totally at a loss to understand Philip's contemptuous attitude towards "Oh My Newsnight". Has Philip taken the trouble to actually view the films? Does he consider the shots of the hurricane in CUBA not worth two minute's attention? Does he not think that MALAWI is newsworthy? And why the strong objection to Newsnight giving a platform to future film makers? Jeremy has done his best to downgrade these interesting mini documentaries. Are we not to encourage talent? Well done Newsnight production team for making this happen - just give it more of a plug will you? Congratulations to all the serious entrants, especially the 5 winners.

  • 10.
  • At 07:37 PM on 19 Dec 2006,
  • Shane McFadden wrote:

Malawi is a Great Video.
It is a true story and is helping so many hungry children. A bit like Bod Gildof did with live aid.
I dont thing there is a greater dead that anyone could do than to feed a hungry child.

  • 11.
  • At 10:02 PM on 19 Dec 2006,
  • barrie wrote:

Contrary to some earlier replies I thought Colombia was excellent.
Several others posts have labelled it "old hat" yet they still can't even spell the countrys' name correctly... Columbia??
Maybe by finally paying attention something will change.

  • 12.
  • At 11:40 PM on 19 Dec 2006,
  • sonny wrote:

ok so my predictions were slightly out.

  • 13.
  • At 11:57 PM on 19 Dec 2006,
  • Alex Mitchell wrote:

Newsnight is not the appropriate platform for these amateur films - they simply add another nail in the coffin of a programme that once kept us all informed and entertained . Mr Paxman has my sympathy; it's bad enough to have this stuff intrude on the BBC's flagship but he has to sit there and present it!

Please, BBC, can we have our Newsnight back?

Alex Mitchell

  • 14.
  • At 12:09 AM on 20 Dec 2006,
  • chris wrote:

Oops, that was me - shameful - but you're missing the point that, however good it is, the film Colombia was not made for My Newsnight, it was, according to shortlist bloggers, posted on You Tube some time ago.

I thought Havannah was wonderful and like Maria, I find it really hard to understand why quite a few bloggers feel that My Newsnight is not real reportage. Havannah was topical, clever, informative, poignant, sympathetic, questioning and then on top of that it was also excellent visually.

I think JP deliberately plays devil's advocate and in full knowledge of the rest of team - then if the anti-MN brigade reaches critical mass NN will be shielded somewhat by having had a sceptic on the team.

  • 15.
  • At 12:32 PM on 20 Dec 2006,
  • Alan wrote:

Missed the last two nights, anyone know which video clips have featured so far?


  • 16.
  • At 04:06 PM on 20 Dec 2006,
  • Paula Varley wrote:

Why not reprise Video Nation? I agree with the comments about Newsnight Review. It's too Clint. Ethical Man is too Woody. And what is the point in getting the arts correspondent to take physics 'A' level - to let us know it's harder than media studies? No shit.

News in depth and current events please, or I will be driven to Insight on CNN and Inside Story and the excellent Witness on Al Jazeera English. Alternatives exist. There is an internet you know.

Alan #15 - Monday's film was London, Tuesday we broadcast Cuba. Wednesday's programme will feature Matt Wooton's piece about being on the dole. That leaves Colombia and Malawi to fight it out for editor's choice (Thursday) and overall winner (Friday).

Re: Colombia. All we asked is for people to make us a film. Matthew Bristow's Colombia film may have been around on the internet previously but he then edited a version specifically to fit the criteria of the competition (i.e. no more than 2 minutes) and did it with style.

What's more, I don't think that Ricardo Martensen - who made the Cuba piece - flew to Havana specially for Newsnight. I happen to know he lives in Manchester.

So while some people did shoot films just for the competition, I would say that as many if not more creatively used material they already had in order to enter, some of which had already been in the public domain. And since they made a pretty good fist of it we are happy to showcase them.

  • 18.
  • At 05:50 PM on 20 Dec 2006,
  • Anne Carole Smith wrote:

I would like to vote for Malawi. I have in the past donated to the Mary`s Meals cause, and think it is a fantastic concept.

  • 19.
  • At 07:31 PM on 20 Dec 2006,
  • Andrew D Smith wrote:

How can anyone not vote for Malawi. This will be an ongoing, and very worthwhile cause. It is multiplying rapidly across the whole third world, and with the education that goes with it, it becomes self remedial. I VOTE for MALAWI.
We have donated to Mary`s Meals before, and we will be signing up again.

  • 20.
  • At 12:15 AM on 21 Dec 2006,
  • John Thompson wrote:

Why are the films not being shown in Scotland?
The work in Malawi is carried out by SIR (Mary's Meals) which is a Scottish charity.

  • 21.
  • At 07:53 AM on 21 Dec 2006,
  • Chris wrote:

Congratulations to the makers of both Colombia and Malawi. They are excellent, as indeed are all the runners up. I think Colombia is the better film of the two. Despite all the publicity given to the abuse of cocaine in this country I have never before seen a film showing the primitive and appalling conditions in which it is produced. It should be compulsory viewing in schools and I hope Kate Moss is a Newsnight viewer. The film must have been very difficult to make and I suspect that is why we have never, to my knowledge, seen anything similar before.

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