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Monday, 18 December, 2006

  • Newsnight
  • 18 Dec 06, 07:37 PM

stephens203.jpgPolice arrest a man in Suffolk; touring the Middle East Tony Blair says the next few weeks are "critical" for the region - we speak to a senior Palestinian politician; speeding policeman follow up; end of year interview with former Iraq hostages Norman Kember and James Loney; and Oh My Newsnight.

Oh My Newsnight - winning list

  • Newsnight
  • 18 Dec 06, 06:05 PM

omn203.jpgTime Magazine's person of the year this year is every one of our Oh My Newsnight winners. In fact it's everyone who entered and everyone who watched them. The magazine's thesis is that the internet means the story of our age is one of global communities, of a greater equivalence.

Tapping into this feeling is of course Oh My Newsnight, our film competition. Thousands voted and below are the five winners. But you will have to watch Newsnight each night this week to find out which are runners up (to be shown Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) which is our editor's choice (to be shown on Thursday) and which is the overall winner (to be broadcast Friday).

But for now you can watch where they originally made their mark - on that great level playing field on which we are all stars by Time Magazine's reckoning, the web.

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