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Thursday 14 December

  • Newsnight
  • 14 Dec 06, 05:09 PM

Dear Viewers,

Tony Blair made political history today, and not in the way he would have hoped. There was a knock on the door of Number Ten, and in came police officers for a little chat.

He is the first serving Prime Minister to be interviewed by the police. Will the combination of the cash for honours scandal and the war in Iraq put a lasting blight on Tony Blair's ten years as leader, and the office of Prime Minister?

Also tonight: the real focus of the Ipswich murder investigations; we reveal more about the Litvinenko murder; and singing Ban Ki Moon.
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Are women funny?

  • Newsnight
  • 14 Dec 06, 11:06 AM

Ruby Wax takes on Christopher HitchensOn Wednesday's programme comedienne Ruby Wax took on writer Christopher Hitchens over his thesis in Vanity Fair that women are not as funny as men.

There are caveats to Hitchens' theory - that larger women, Jewish women and lesbians can be funny - but on the whole he suggests men are naturally more funny as women have the serious business of childbirth and childcare to occupy them, while men use humour to attract them.

You can watch the whole debate here - with Jeremy playing referee - and give your thoughts on the subject below.

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