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Monday, 11 December, 2006

  • Newsnight
  • 11 Dec 06, 06:28 PM

Police search a rive in SuffolkPolice fear a serial killer is at large in Suffolk; we speak to President Putin's spokesman about Litvinenko; Iran holds a 'Holocaust review' conference; and Steve Smith does more science.

Jeremy's on at 2230GMT (BBC Two and the website) - over to you below.

Can you do my homework 2?

  • Stephen Smith
  • 11 Dec 06, 05:25 PM

physics203c.jpgFollowing the huge interest in and bitter disputes over the last lot of homework I posted on this public forum, I present the sequel: Can you do my homework 2?

1. The Earth has a radius of 6,400 km. What is the speed of Edinburgh at a Latitude 56º?

(a) 465 ms-1
(b) 386 ms-1
(c) 260 ms-1

Use the equation for kinetic energy Ek=1/2mv2 and change in gravitational potential energy Ep=mgh for the following questions.

2. A car of mass 850 kg which is moving at a speed of 10 ms-1 is acted upon by a braking force of 1500 N for a distance of 20 m. Calculate the final speed of the car.

(a) 3.81 ms-1
(b) 5.42 ms-1
(c) 7.98 ms-1

3. A 3 kW motor is used to lift a mass of 700 kg a height of 6.5 m. The operation takes 20 seconds. Calculate the efficiency of the motor lift.

(a) 74.3%
(b) 68.2%
(c) 49.9%

Frank Luntz - kingmaker?

  • Newsnight
  • 11 Dec 06, 12:41 PM

cameron203tie.jpgIt was suggested in The Observer this weekened that US pollster Frank Luntz's focus group for Newsnight during the Conservative Party leadership election propelled David Cameron from nowhere to become party leader.

We thought Luntz perspicacious for spotting Cameron's appeal - but Nick Cohen (author of the Observer piece) suggests Luntz was instrumental in creating that appeal and seems to think that but for Newsnight Cameron would not be heading the Conservative party at all. It sparked furious debate on the Observer's website.

You can watch Frank Luntz's piece here (and watch his other Newsnight films here).

So did Frank Luntz really annoint David Cameron or just pick him out of the line-up? What do you think?

When is a sprout not a sprout?

  • Justin Rowlatt -
  • 11 Dec 06, 11:26 AM

sprout203.jpgWhen is a sprout not a sprout? The answer appears to be when it comes in my family’s organic box. Take a look at the picture and then read the blurb that came with this week’s cache of vegetables.

“There is a new vegetable in town: the oh-so-cool sprout top. It’s the brassica du jour, found on the menu of quite a few fashionable eateries in England. It will be gracing some of you with its exclusive presence this week and is quite simply the vegetable to be eating this season!”

The missive from Abel and Cole goes on to distinguish the sprout top - “the sweet and tender tip of the Brussels sprout plant” - from the actual sprouts which apparently come from lower down the stalk of the same plant.

I’m sure that whoever writes the company’s weekly newsletter had their tongue at least partially in their cheek as they wrote this eulogy to the country’s least-loved vegetable. But I am not going to risk a fashion faux pas with the family’s Christmas fare, so Ned, the Newsnight Turkey, will be garnished with only the very finest organic sprout tops.

Yum, yum.

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