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Newsnight Review, 1 December, 2006

  • Newsnight
  • 1 Dec 06, 06:12 PM

Julianna Moore and Bill Nighy in Dave Hare's Vertical HourA special edition from New York. David Hare's new play Vertical Hour opens on Broadway, a new film about Bobby Kennedy, Gordon Ramsay cooks for America, and Television satire Studio 60 gets the Review treatment.

Watch the panel - BBC Two 7 pm Friday 1 December and on the website from Monday lunchtime - then tell us what you think.

Will the Tory leader get it up (his turbine that is)?

  • Newsnight
  • 1 Dec 06, 05:51 PM

David Cameron - does he know his onions when it comes to wind turbines?There’s been an impressive response to my blog on the physics of wind turbines. The overwhelming consensus seems to be that small wind turbines are simply not appropriate for most homes.

If that is correct then domestic turbines, which not so long ago looked like proud environmental virility symbols, might very well end up looking like limp gestures. So are some of the high profile people who signed up to micro-wind power now reconsidering?

The most notable wind enthusiast is, of course, the Tory leader David Cameron. His plans to erect a turbine on his home generated acres of newspaper comment along with the ire of some his neighbours. He was awarded planning permission months ago by his local authority but there is still no sign of a turbine on his West London home.

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AIDS: We expose the "goat cure" salesmen

  • Paul Mason
  • 1 Dec 06, 12:55 PM

CARD logo“The trials have now to this date gone through three phases, all of which have proved totally reliable in the cure of Aids” – that is what it said on the business plan.

If the claim were true it would be headline news for the world. Instead the headline news tonight, on Newsnight, is that we have uncovered a scheme by a British company to test a totally unproven “cure” for AIDS on patients in the African kingdom of Swaziland. The “cure” is based on goat serum.

The scheme was proposed by a British-based company called CARD, run by a man called Michael Hart Jones. He approached film actor Richard E Grant to front the scheme: Richard was born in Swaziland – fortunately he was not born yesterday: he came to us....

Watch the report

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