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Newsnight Review - 17 November, 2006

  • Newsnight
  • 17 Nov 06, 07:17 PM

craig203.jpgThe latest incarnation of Bond; the result of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s TV search for Maria – the stage version of The Sound of Music; BBC Two’s dramatisation of the Asian tsunami; and the panel get to grips with Nintendo’s new games console – Wii. More detail on all of those items here.

Martha is on BBC Two at 2300GMT and you can watch the programme back on the Review website on Saturday.

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  • 1.
  • At 09:10 PM on 17 Nov 2006,
  • Jim Blunt wrote:


But that does n't refer to the length of time I workout in the Gym, as you can tell from my physique!
No it refers to my weapon recognition training........I must see Q' about that since there's been an 'Almighty din reverberating in the Commons'!

  • 2.
  • At 09:39 PM on 17 Nov 2006,
  • B.Walters wrote:

Yes Mr. Bond Just what is the difference between a scud and a mortar?

"Q........We never covered this one in any detail!"

"Evidently" Mr. Blix, "Hans to my friends!"

  • 3.
  • At 09:59 PM on 17 Nov 2006,
  • Terry Friar wrote:

"Okay,okay so I'm not so good in the desert......How about Russia! They don't call us 'The Rock for nothing U know!" J.Bond O.H.M.S

  • 4.
  • At 11:10 PM on 17 Nov 2006,
  • jay wrote:

Is it just me or does the novellist have something of the bond baddie 'Klemp' about her?

  • 5.
  • At 11:45 PM on 17 Nov 2006,
  • shelley wrote:

i thought that the review of the wii was a very bad one! they did not take it from a family point of view.. and commenting on the name of the console was a cheap jibe, when the title of a console does not matter in the slightest.

  • 6.
  • At 11:48 PM on 17 Nov 2006,
  • Michael hodson wrote:

Why the hell did they use the ps3 as an example when they were reviewing the wii? Bloody bunch of snobs. They know nothing about gaming.

  • 7.
  • At 11:49 PM on 17 Nov 2006,
  • Neil Duncan wrote:

Why bother with an article on console gaming if it is predetermined that the panel are to brush the phenomenon aside with hopelessly narrow minded aplomb? At least Kermode enjoyed himself albeit with a fear of ruining his entire life by actualy liking it a bit too much! Hmmm. With everything in life moderation is actually practiced by other sensible people...come on Kermode!! You can fit in an hour here and there, surely? I spend more time watching movies than I do playing games. Why is he not fearing for me interacting with that particular medium!? I spent a lot of time watching betamax copies of hit movies as a child - Goonies, Back to the Future - the list goes on. I needed help! Where were they?

To cut a long story short (too late), I'm fed up with uptight media commentators - neither of them had any experience of gaming. I guess I would be ageist to categorise them as fogies...but even my father knows a thing or two about Zelda. It's his favourite of course. Treat mature gamers with some respect please Newsnight!

  • 8.
  • At 12:05 AM on 18 Nov 2006,
  • odnetniN wrote:

RE: Wii review.

Please enlighten what is the overall point of critics aproaching these issues with completely closed minds? It was a real pitty that newsnight aproached this in a completely flipant manner.

It seemed as thought the majority of critics enjoyed it but a combination of pride and intellectual snobbery prevented them from being anything more than bashfully praisefull of the system and they quickly reverted to stereotyping games as a teenage pre-ocupation and a fledgling media that is waiting to blossom. They failed to recognise Wii's innovation and even suggested that Wii may be a retrograde step because of its simplicity to play!!

It is clear from this that Newsnight considers these 'reviews to be fun pieces; failing to recognise that many of their viewership may consider gaming to be a valid pursuit. Mark kermode in particular was derogatory towards the medium as a whole even suggesting that games would fry your brain and that he resisted them in his house hold because they consume so much time. The mans a bloody film critic!! can there be anything more tragicly isolating than sitting in a dark room gawpng at a screen? at least gamers interact with the Game and each other (online/multiplayer) and are involved in progressing the plot. He's either a complete hypocrite or is masking his technophobe closed off mindset behind cheap jibes and justifications.

Could the Beeb not have stretched to getting some expert comment on the interest, innovation and successes of Nintendo's latest gambit rather than relying on a film critics book writers and tv presenters to tear down a whole medium? Shamefull!!

Cinema going is now a mere wastage of time so most viewers would prefer watching the new 'James Bond' movie on TV.

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  • At 02:51 PM on 20 Nov 2006,
  • Ben wrote:

I only saw the last 20 seconds or so of the Wii review and because of that was quite unsure whether what i thought i was hearing was actually what was being said. The word that came in to my mind too was "snobs". I couldn't believe it. Nintendo are really doing well with the Wii and are converting a lot of people. But there are still so many narrow minded people out there. My Grandma doesn't know anything about games or gaming but i bet you she'll have a right good go on Wii Sports at Christmas!

  • 11.
  • At 09:09 PM on 20 Nov 2006,
  • David Charles wrote:

Can nothing be done about the poor web connection to the Review? It fails about eight times out of ten and really begins to set my teeth on edge.

  • 12.
  • At 09:40 PM on 20 Nov 2006,
  • Ryan wrote:

I'm not an artisan and therefore almost never watch Review, however I would watch a Review package on why films are going such ridiculous reviews with gushing hyperbole.

Borat and Bond are the two most recent examples.

Borat was mediocre. I like the character and the humour, but that film was a handful of genuine funnies strung together by an otherwise boring script with some ho-hum continuity. Perhaps 6/10, ie. just above average. Certainly not "side-splitting comedy" or the "funniest film of the year" etc.

Equally Bond left me deflated. No Q, no sauve debonair Bond, no innuendo, no villian or henchmen per se. Yes, certainly a more physical and dark Bond, but at the expense of the traditional elements. Some teriffic action scenes but precious little adventure. Not the best Bond ever. 6/5.10. Let me wanting more.

For someone who seldom watches films was disappointing after seeing two in two weeks how I was left wondering why I bother.

But then perhaps I'm a hard marker?

  • 13.
  • At 12:55 AM on 21 Nov 2006,
  • Sheepish wrote:

Why doesn't review ever review CD releases. What exactly was the point of having Jarvis Cocker perform 'Fat Children' without having any discussion about the album? I find the items covered in Review interesting, but they are largely inaccessible to those of us living outside London and/or with limited finances. Please cover things that mean something to normal people!

  • 14.
  • At 04:41 PM on 21 Nov 2006,
  • Ben wrote:

The review of the Wii was pure trash, get a bunch of stuck up idiots who have already decided that gaming is a worthless pursuit and have no knowledge of gaming to review a new console was as pointless as having me test fly a new fighter jet.
Mentioning the PS3 was stupid - the reviewers didn't have one to play on so all they were doing is repeating marketing blurb, how can they compare without playing both?

  • 15.
  • At 05:29 PM on 21 Nov 2006,
  • John Haydn wrote:

Have we said Farewell to Brian Sewell for the moment? I was hoping to hear some more of his expert views.

  • 16.
  • At 01:21 PM on 28 Nov 2006,
  • Joy wrote:

If gaming is currently in the stone age I cannot imagine what it will be like in fifty or a hundred years time.As a teacher I see nothing but the negative effects of gaming.This kind of solitary instant gratification can result in a catastrophic inabilty by a child to relate to its peer group in the playground.

  • 17.
  • At 09:39 AM on 29 Nov 2006,
  • Jane Jackson wrote:

Children turn to gaming because TV is so dull.When I was young it was full of drama.I can still remember the elephant which urinated all over the Blue Peter studio and John Noakes look of guilt every time he said sellotape instead of sticky back plastic.

  • 18.
  • At 07:57 PM on 03 Dec 2006,
  • Hello wrote:

To the ridiculously po faced teacher:

It is wildly ignorant to describe gaming as offering: "Instant" gratification. Television and film generally offer faster gratification.Compare a two hour movie to a twenty hour plus game. Games can and have been great pieces of art as well as excellent entertainment and while other media genres are becoming increasingly low rent, gaming is advancing at an extraordinary rate, both technologically and in terms of sophistication of story telling and gameplay.

You have adopted a typically prejudiced mindset, through which television, which is presumably integrated into your lifestyle, is not dangerous at all, while a beautiful games such as The Legend of Zelda become the destroyer of children's minds. Gaming is a media just like any other and should not be simplified into one concept, anymore than music or film.

1) everything that's already in the world when you're born is just normal;

2) anything that gets invented between then and before you turn 35 is incredibly exciting and creative and, given opportunity, you can make a career out of it;

3) anything that gets invented after you're 35 is against the natural order of things and the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it until it's been around for about ten years when it gradually turns out to be alright really.

-Douglas Adams

In response to your misguided view that games lead to an inability to socialise:

There are a huge amount of multiplayer games that emphasise interaction.

I admit there are solitary games but many other forms of entertainment are experienced alone and do not result in fractured society. A book, for instance. And while a book cannot really be shared at the same time(imagine dividing the book into 5 chapters for one person, 5 for another), even a single player game can be.

In short, try actually using a games console before making such a generalisation. Would you dismiss films as the bane of society based on hearsay? No wonder the education system is going downhill with a bunch of 1950s little England caricatures in charge, who prefer to immediately blame anything slightly alien to them rather than face their own shortcomings. If your pupils seem to be isolated from each other, is it really the fault of what is essentially a film with which you can interact.

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