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How green is your government Minister?

  • Newsnight
  • 29 Nov 06, 05:00 PM

The Government makes a lot of its new green credentials. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown jointly launched Sir Nicholas Stern’s report on the potentially apocalyptic consequences of global warming and, to underline the government’s commitment, it announced a climate change bill in the Queen’s speech.

Environment minister Ian Pearson MP on Newsnight in OctoberIndeed, back in May Mr Blair appointed a Minster with special responsibility for climate change. He is Ian Pearson, the MP for Dudley South, and yesterday I shared a platform with him at a conference on sustainable development.

It was my job to open the conference. I ran through some of the things my family and I have been doing as Ethical Man and then I set the delegates a little ethical living test. I asked a series of questions about their lifestyles including whether they had made the switch to a green electricity supplier.

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What chance peace?

  • Newsnight
  • 29 Nov 06, 01:16 PM

soldier.jpgWednesday's programme comes from Jerusalem. Gavin Esler presents a special edition of Newsnight as we ask: “What chance peace in the Middle East?”

It comes as President Bush is in Jordan for talks with – among others – the Prime Minister of Iraq. In Gaza an uneasy truce appears to be holding. In Lebanon the political crisis terrifies everyone with the prospect of another civil war. All round the world Christians, Muslims and Jews look to this holy city of Jerusalem for inspiration. Tonight we’ll be looking to Jerusalem for answers. Can the Israelis and Palestinians live together peacefully side by side in their own states with secure borders? Is that dream possible any more?

The Middle East is at a crossroads - is peace possible? Who has been the roadblock? Who needs to compromise and on what? What do you think?

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