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Wednesday, 1 November, 2006

  • Newsnight
  • 1 Nov 06, 03:32 PM

madonna_203.jpgMadonna fights back in her first British interview since her decision to adopt a boy from Malawi; leaked warnings of a rise in crime when Romania and Bulgaria join the EU in January; a rare report from Burma on the lives of its people under military rule; and the negative campaigning of the US mid-term elections.

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The ethics of radiator valves

  • Justin Rowlatt -
  • 1 Nov 06, 02:42 PM

cooper203.jpgWhen is it ethical to change your radiator valves? That was the big question that was perplexing the Newsnight team after our broadcast last night.

The housing minister, Yvette Cooper, invited me to have the first of the new Energy Performance Certificates on my home and even did me the honour of popping round to my house for a cup of tea to see how I got on.

It should have been a pretty straightforward report. Trials of the certificates begin around the country next week. They'll be introduced nationwide in June next year.

The idea is pretty simple. When houses are sold the seller will pay for the house to be energy rated, just like a fridge, and they'll offer suggestions for how energy efficiency could be improved. Sounds pretty sensible doesn't it?

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