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Tuesday, 24th October, 2006

  • Stephen Smith
  • 24 Oct 06, 05:27 PM

reid203100.jpgJohn Reid's plans for Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Birmingham criticises government faith school plans, and we launch our bid to tackle the fall in number of science students.

Do let us know your thoughts on the programme below.

Can you do my homework?

  • Stephen Smith
  • 24 Oct 06, 03:48 PM

blackboard203.jpgNewsnight editor Peter Barron had a notion recently to explore the dearth of science students in this country by ordering one of Newsnight's top correspondents to sit a physics exam.

But they were all busy, he explained, so I would have to do it. So I've joined the physics A-level group at Newsnight's local college - and it's not proving a simple matter.

Maybe you'll have more luck with vectors and scalars than I did. Join me now in the ultimate website 'extra' - yes, the Newsnight Homework Zone! Test your physics prowess against the posers that my teacher, Mr Mhlanga, set for me. NB Mark yourself down if you lose your answers on the bus or your dog eats 'em.

On with the homework...

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