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Tuesday, 10 October, 2006

  • Newsnight
  • 10 Oct 06, 05:43 PM

uk_soldiers_203.jpgThe Lieutenant General in charge of the MOD’s Defence Academy speaks to Newsnight; Defence Secretary Des Browne talks to us about “tax bill” bonuses for UK troops; Justin Rowlatt asks why North Korea wants a nuclear weapon; Tim Whewell tries to piece together the story of Anna Politkovskaya’s murder; and the winner of the Man Booker prize is announced.

Comment on Tuesday’s programme here.

Deconstructing the two-way

  • Martha Kearney
  • 10 Oct 06, 01:23 PM

jp_mk_203.jpgIf you have always thought that Jeremy and I just have friendly little unrehearsed chats in the studio, I am sorry to shatter your illusions. There is also no Father Christmas.

After Monday night's strange events, I thought I had better explain how it all works. A combination of time constraints (for God's sake, Martha, surely you can explain the entire government criminal justice policy in two minutes) and need to play in clips (that two minutes must include a clip of the minister and the opposition parties) means that some kind of orchestration beforehand is needed.

So I usually provide Jeremy (and more obedient presenters) with some questions in advance.

On Monday these were entitled "Idiot's Guide to the Two-Way". Maybe that was a red rag to a bull but anyway he got the order completely wrong and chaos ensued.

Perhaps you think the whole format is ridiculous anyway as one Tory backer told me at their conference in Bournemouth last week: "What's the point in journalists interviewing each other?" he understandably wanted to know.

I tried to explain that in political journalism you are often told useful and illuminating information "off the record" and a studio chat is the best way of getting that across. Well, sometimes.

Click here to watch the two-way

Why Youtube? Why now? What next?

  • Paul Mason
  • 10 Oct 06, 12:39 PM

Youtube made it from garage concept to acquisition in just 18 months: a dream shared every entrepreneur on Dragon's Den etc. But how did they do it, and how do you spot the next Youtube? To me the answer breaks down into three concepts:
- the technology
- tapping the zeitgeist
- the needs of the acquiring corporation...

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