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In the Line of Fire - Pervez Musharraf

  • Newsnight
  • 27 Sep 06, 05:02 PM

musharraf203.jpgHeads of state usually hold off publishing memoirs until they have left office behind and are unfettered by diplomatic niceties. But Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf has chosen to publish an account of his experiences as premier - including details of events surrounding the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington - while still in office. His claim that one US official used threats to secure Pakistan's cooperation in the so-called war on terror has caused much controversy.

On Wednesday's programme we speak to President Musharraf about his book, the war on terror and much else besides.

Watch Newsnight's report and interview here.

Read an extract from In the Line of Fire here and leave your comments and reviews below.

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  • 1.
  • At 07:23 PM on 27 Sep 2006,
  • SHER SHAH wrote:

Actually "Mush" is wrong in his way.he did not save Pakistan,but saved his position to rule a poor country for a long time.he is not a authentic personality,only being backed by armed forces he his doing such childish games.he made naked all Pakistan Armed forces as a "COWARD".his book is a mere a DRAMA,He belong to Delhi(india)and i could not understand how,who recruited him in army that time.normally persons from urdu speaking areas prefer to come in civil services not in army because a man's birth place has a deep impact on its people.Delhi and other urdu speaking areas are not "MARTIAL LANDS"HE,Bush and Blair shaked this globe with terrorism and disturbed the whole peace of world.these three are not genuine personality.history will not for give them.MUSH'S book is just a drama in cooperation with other two partners.

  • 2.
  • At 08:13 PM on 27 Sep 2006,

I read some parts of book on net,but i suggest,Mr. Musharf must have titled his book as"WHEN I WAS CAGED". What MR.MUSHARF decided that time,that was his thinking.I think that was a critical time to decide,when a so called super power thursted his orders on this poor country's president.I think American authorities must be at human level to ask for help for--------?.world's history shows a lot of mighty emprorres had been burried in this earth.every one must be in his/her limits,because all we have to die here,me,mushraf,bush and tony blair too.A man should be a man either he is in power or powerless.I think there is nothing special in this book.but i am sorry for american president,what he is doing against of world's willingness."Might is Right"is a jungle formula,we are human and must prove ourselves as a human when we have some last i am sorry for my english.

  • 3.
  • At 10:54 PM on 27 Sep 2006,
  • Zain wrote:

President of Pakitan definatley made a decision to save Pakistan. I was watching Daily Show with John Stewrt when he interviewed Musharaf Today,he is a honest, well knowledged and respected man. The guy made the decision after giving a long thought process according to him" if i wouldnt have allow United States my land, they would have come from another way, crossing into Pakistan Air Space or someother way.". He not only saved a poor country from launching a war that would destroy its economy more also gained more profit by aligning with America. Pakistan self is iflicted by Terrorist there is no doubt, Pakistan couldnt have fought them alone with there mereee technology, United states not only helped Pakistan cleaning them out also gave pakistan a huge economy boost. I ordered the Book at Amazon its a Must Read, if you a little about 911, pakistan or united states.

  • 4.
  • At 04:56 AM on 28 Sep 2006,
  • faizan kayani wrote:

A good commando, a good leader and a good author too. i have read some articles of the book and i just wanted to read the whole book. The Presidents bold decisions and his standings are absolutly the evidance of his leader ship. his decisions show that there was only one thing in his mind his country and his people what he had done was to save us from going back to stone age. thnx Mr President i salute u

  • 5.
  • At 09:02 AM on 28 Sep 2006,
  • Tayyab Hussain wrote:

Can't guess right now what is his strategy of writing this book. He is not a true politition and so he can't point to any politition that whether he is good or bad. Well i read his opinion regarding bhutto. I know no one is perfect but right now if pakistan need any politition than it must be like bhutto. I don't like how he address bhutto prestige and his intelligence. Pakistani people always admire bhutto as true politition and he has done alot of things in pakistan interest. One example is our Atomic Energy. Thanx to him for making us proud today that we are nuclear power.

  • 6.
  • At 09:12 AM on 28 Sep 2006,
  • Moorthy wrote:

Gen Pervez used three criteria to come to a decision if to confront US or not viz military weakness, social weakness & economic weakness. Does he confess to world his country's position?.

"(Laughter.)" -- yeah, great. A peculiar sense of honour the guy has ..... The book is In the Line of Fire (see the Simon & Schuster publicity page), and the jr. Bush's comments -- "In other words, buy the book, is what he's saying. (Laughter.)" -- Consider the quote here. Is it an Image bolstering attempt to do what he is doing. Is not a mere smake of earning dollars?.

  • 7.
  • At 09:20 AM on 28 Sep 2006,
  • Nazrul Islam Wani wrote:

I have just read a few notes of the book on the net and the Newpapers. What I feel is that President Musharraf being a Military man gives him an edge over the others, which refelects in his actions when he talks and explains his position. Realistically he is an honest individual and is very straight forward in his decesions. I,m not a Pakistani and I would like to wish and congratulate all the pakistani people for having a leader like President Musharraf who has not only saved their country from going into a disaster but has also played a major and significant role by defusing a situation in the region which has averted a major confilict with the United States and its Allies. I am sure The President in his book would have covered lots of other areas including the disputed Kashimr between India & Pakistan. As luck would have it I belong to the disputed part of Jammu & Kashmir controlled by India, and I know exactly what is happenning there and so far whatever General Pervez has described about it has all been true and correct. I am sure after looking at the details of the book positively and with an open mind, it will be an eye opener for the people who read it and for the world leaders to understand and appreciate and bring about peace and prosperity in this region and accross the whole world. I am looking forward to buy this book as soon as it is avaliable on Amazon.

President General Parvez Musharraf. You are doing a great job.
My Best Regards to you.

  • 8.
  • At 03:17 PM on 28 Sep 2006,
  • ASIF BUKHARI wrote:


  • 9.
  • At 05:30 PM on 28 Sep 2006,
  • Vineet Dwivedi wrote:

"The Line of Fire"

Written by the Pakistani militry ruler Gen. Parvez Musharraf is nothing but just bunch of jokes compressed in a bundel of glossy papers.

NO..NO this is not for the kids only for ADULTS.

"Musharraf's 'In the Line of Fire' is a bestseller in India"

I am comfirming here those lines mentioned above that book is best seller in India.yes.but only in railway stations
"can not healp it"
if you wish to read this book rush to your nearest railway station 'Why' reason is due to bore travelling where people often get bored. such kind of books are meant for that purpose only.
Thanks to Mr. Mushraf entertaining the general public in India.

Infact the titel name of this book should be "THE LINE'S OF LIAR"

  • 10.
  • At 07:44 AM on 29 Sep 2006,
  • Amber wrote:

Well i havent read the book yet though read and heard enough of it up till now but being a pakistani i know our leader well enough to guarantee that he is truly a personality that has sumthing impressive about him, nodoubt he has saved pakistan from a point(911) when things seemed to b getting out of hands, v pakistani r the witnesses that our country did stand at the edge of destruction as far as its economy and stabability is concerned, he is the one whe came, stood and faced the challnages in such a positive manner that all things he was able to put back on track.Im sure had there been any other leader of pakistan never cudve had such courage and dare to stand out there and fight,"v r thankful Mr.President to b there for us",v respect him and naturally his book too, coz v believe he is a straightforward, loyaland truthful person(unlike many of the pakistan politicians) to state the facts and history.He has shown the world that how impotant is pakistan in a fight against terrorism, and also filling in as a bridge between west and the muslim world,United states,Uk and the world all seem to b getting know quite well that "Without pakistan its not going to b possible" no matter what the past things, and this is our victory no doubt

  • 11.
  • At 09:48 AM on 29 Sep 2006,
  • babuv wrote:

I read some parts of musharaf's book,i think it is better to change the books name to "IN THE LINE OF A LIER"

as a tourist i know that pakistans infrastructure is superior to all the other south asian countries,shopping malls,roads etc,the motorways and all,its army is one of the strongest in the universe and at a time pakistan became the second fastest growing economy in the world after china,what pakistan has become today, all the credit goes to general musharaf,because hes a capable,honest man,and whatever people of karzais calliber say,musharaf is the only man whos fighting the war,practically in asia.

In pakistan we had Follwoing dictators
Field Marshal Ayub Khan
General Yaha Khan
General Zial Ul Haq
And general Mushraf
They all were installed by USA. and they did the same and the reaults are also the same . Ayub Khan wrote 'Firend Not Master" and till the sdate he was inpower every body praised his book . Thsi book was actually written by Altaf Gohar . I thyink same is the case for MR mushraf somebody may have written his book. We can only say anything about his book after he goes otherwise druing his goverment every minstry will pirsee whtever he said . As pakistani i know that thsi book will have the same end as that of "Firends Not masters"
abdul hafeez Shaikh

  • 14.
  • At 10:35 PM on 30 Sep 2006,
  • Uppal Shaidai wrote:

Musharraf says Pakistan can be easily threatened (we will bomb you to stoneage!!!!) or bribed (for handing over terrorists he got millions of dollars, in fact "bounties". Does he really think that he has done a service to this country or even himself by coming out with all the rubbish that he has in his book. He has been in the line of gifts, but perhaps now will come in the line of fire from some self-respecting nationalist.

  • 15.
  • At 01:10 AM on 01 Oct 2006,
  • Franky Shah wrote:

Well i didnt yet get the chance to read this book but about Mr. Musharaf i wana say that he is'nt fighting against terror he is fighting for his own life. If now any of the exiled Paki Leaders whether Nawaz or Benazir give him the two thumbs up signal n a promise to secure his life he will leave the president office very next day. As we all know that, to achive a certain goal, American think tanks use to start the planning 10 to 15 years before the action date. They use to wait for the perfect bullets to be used. The history is witness as how Gen.Zia got the command of army by superseding the seniors and than how he came in power to help America in Afghan-Russia war. Same happened here Gen Musharaf became the commander by superseding, created the reasons and became Pakistan President , 9/11 drama was staged by American agencies and American army invaded Afghanistan. As Bob Wordsworth writes in his book "Plan of Attack" that in the first week of Bush Junior's first tenure, Bush and Rumsfield planed to attack Iraq.

President Musharraf is a charismatic, and media savy leader, much needed traits for Asian leaders. 'In the Line of Fire' is a must read book that talks in great depths about the key event of the 21st century, It also speaks of the Kargil conflict and Pakistan's military victory in that conflict, Indeed as Musharraf himself remarked the Indian aversion to crossing the LOC (Line of Control)/border was a true fufilment of Sun Tzu concept of:

"One hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the most skillful. Seizing the enemy without fighting is the most skillful."

Sun Tzu -Art of War.

South Asia could do well with more leaders like Musharraf and less Mullah Omars, Vajaypee, and the likes, I wish this outstanding leader my best and hope that his country continues to prosper.


  • 17.
  • At 09:08 AM on 01 Oct 2006,
  • Alam Khan wrote:

Musharaf can be good army soldier but can not become intellectual.

  • 18.
  • At 03:12 PM on 01 Oct 2006,
  • Majid Husain wrote:

Musharraf's book leads me to advise the West to reconsider its obsession with promoting democracy. Pakistan's democratically elected Nawaz Shareef, confident of people's backing, had the courage to go ahead with a nuclear explosion. Musharraf, as is evident from the revelations he makes in his book, could have been easily threatened or bribed into giving up the idea. In short, democracy and non-proliferation could be contradictory!!!

He is the Guy Who Saved Pakistan and we should salute him and the people who say he didnt well they must be livng outside of pakistan or will be forigners but we know he saved pkistan and is one of the top or the best leader in pakiatns history after quade azam, I SALUTE YOU MER MUSHARRAF GOD BE WITH YOU

  • 20.
  • At 03:33 PM on 01 Oct 2006,
  • Maryam Shahbaz wrote:

Harry Brett is one person who has honestly put forward the real face of Pakistan.Hats off to you!What we really need is the understanding to exist between the common people.War can't be fought by the leaders alone and President Musharraf knows that.I think he is an honest,truthful and staighforward person.As regarding to his mistakes,he is an imperfect human afterall.And ofcourse he hasn't committed a much graver mistake than Mr.Bush.

  • 21.
  • At 04:34 PM on 01 Oct 2006,
  • Kapoor wrote:

I went to buy the book here in california its all sold out.

  • 22.
  • At 08:21 PM on 01 Oct 2006,
  • Shahbaz Ahmed wrote:

well, i have read some pages of book from newspapers and on net also,
actually from 1947 pakistan had not found a sincere leadership and in the 59 years of pakistani history, Army has ruled over the country for more then 35 years partially. but even they were also like selected leaders ( not sincere,done every thing just for their own benifits). now MR. pervez musharag is ruling the pakistan just due to his power.

i think this book's purpose is to show the american leadership that how much important MR.president for americans for a long time, Mr.president wants a huge support for always be a president for a long time.
He wants to prove an illegal goverment to american's. there is no benifit for pakistani people from this book.and about 12 oct 1999 who knows that who is right Mr.president or Mr nawaz. and there are many things in the book about love in teen age which are not suitable for a president of " ISLAMIC REPULIC OF PAKISTAN".
and once again Mr.pervez musharaf could not win heart of a single pakistani by his book.

  • 23.
  • At 12:23 AM on 02 Oct 2006,
  • Mobin Siddiqui wrote:

I would start my coments on president Musharaf Book, and his Leadership, SALUTE TO PRESIDENT Gen.PERVEEZ MUSHARAF, He is a fine soldier and a great leader pakistan ever had since President Gen.Zia-UL-HAQ, He is honest and know his duties and he serving his country with faith n honesty, His book is must read book by reading his book im pretty sure all those critics and those people who dont like his leadership or policies will get their answers.

  • 24.
  • At 03:41 AM on 02 Oct 2006,
  • Yaqoob Mathews wrote:

One thing should be clear from Musharraf's book that he has no idea where Osama bin Laden is. If Musharraf knew where Osama was would he not have handed him over for the multi-million dollar reward when he has been handing over "terrorists" for much lower amounts apiece?

  • 25.
  • At 06:34 PM on 02 Oct 2006,
  • Sherry Shamsi wrote:

"In The Line of Fire" a book by a Mayor of Pakistan who is appointed by George W. Bush. Having no political basis, just power of guns he is ruling his people. As days of elections in US are coming near, he is trying to motivate US media to prove himself as useful for them. So book is released when he was on visit there. Democrats’ I think would not use him as wild card in sub continent as he is a used-tissue-paper already. He said in book that he just said that he would remove his army uniform and become civilian president, but this is tricky too because he stated this before Bush's re election because he was not sure either he would be again in White House or not, so there was no problem for that dictator in Bush’s presence, because he is “spreading democracy” in the world with him. Hence this maneuver is costing lives.
If west want to know something about him before buying his book, please do ask from Pakistani common man first. He gave us suicides and street crimes because of unemployment, kidneys sold to meet both ends, prostitution for bread and butter. And you don’t want to know what kind of politics he has given to us, because what can you expect from a commando? Who taught in Army College just to say “Yes”, he is doing so by saying to Bush. So it’s a lie that Americans threatened us for help in war on terror.
We people of Pakistan born and died under dictatorships eras of army rulers still no way to democracy and emancipation from deprivation. Virtually, every penny of budget goes for army and we living under $1 a day have to see these comedies and now weary from all this. Spending so much on them and they even never able to show any victory in any war rather then killing their own country men who feed them. People “In the Line of Poverty” don’t have energy to know that what goes on “In the Line of Fire”.

  • 26.
  • At 05:45 PM on 03 Oct 2006,
  • Raza Ali Agha wrote:

Contrary to most commentators here, I have actually read the whole book, and find it to be an important contribution to the recent history of Pakistan. Yes Musharraf did not have a political constituency when he took power, but does that mean he does not have a constituency now? He may not be the most democratic leader, but has Pakistan had a leader who has not tried to consolidate every authority under his/her office? Is it not true that people have actually distributed sweets every time there has been a change of government (three of which I have personally witnessed). It is very easy to say Musharraf is this and that, but what is the better alternative? Do people believe that there will be an ideal leader who will balance economic growth and social development; foreign and domestic policy; liberals and religionists; internal and external security; ethnic and sectarian divisions; feminists and male chauvinists; the Army and civilian governments; the elite and the poor? As much as I would love to see such a leader, Pakistan’s history and a survey of the current political landscape reveals that no such leader has existed, exists, or can exist. Hence, even with all his faults, of which there are many, it is a matter of choosing the lesser evil. As the saying goes: better the devil you know.

  • 27.
  • At 01:50 AM on 04 Oct 2006,
  • Falak Sehr wrote:

Raza Ali Agha paints a very depressing picture of Pakistan. He is ready to accept Musharraf because he is the "lesser evil" which means an EVIL nevertheless. And then he says that not only has an ideal ruler existed or exists but also CANNOT exist. If Musharraf is the best Pakistan can produce it is a very very sorry reflection on the 140 million inhabitants of that country. Can Agha then defend Pakistan's existence?

  • 28.
  • At 03:18 PM on 04 Oct 2006,
  • Raza Ali Agha wrote:

Falak, power being manipulated by the few at the expense of the many does not imply that a country's right to exist should be questioned. If that were the case, most nation-states would require defending. And more fundamentally, if leaders are a 'reflection' of the inhabitants of every country, I am afraid most of the world is in a sorry state of affairs.

  • 29.
  • At 04:36 PM on 04 Oct 2006,
  • Falak Sehr wrote:

Agha Saheb you agree that Musharraf is manipulating power at the expense of the many. In other words you consider his claim to having been endorsed by the people nothing but a "hoax". I salute your realism.

  • 30.
  • At 02:16 PM on 06 Oct 2006,
  • Raza Ali Agha wrote:

And me your idealism.

As I said, his being in power has created a constituency. Reading newspapers and talking to Pakistanis (both within the country and abroad), domestic support/dissent (and uts extent) seems to vary with the segment of society you ask. Abroad (in the US & UK at least), I find there seems to be good support for him and his policies amongst expatriate Pakistanis. However, I have not carried out a rigorous statistical exercise/survey to ascertain whether or not he is 'endorsed by the people'. Personally, if the choice is between him and the Mullahs, previous ruling parties, the MQM, or Imran Khan, I would vote for him.

  • 31.
  • At 08:06 PM on 06 Oct 2006,
  • hayat wrote:

it is nice that head of states sharing their views with the people of their country and world at large .he may be right or wrong in his decisions but than atleast he has opened a way to analyse the incidents of latest past for people to think about.a new way to reach to the people ..............

  • 32.
  • At 11:24 PM on 09 Oct 2006,
  • Gulzar Shah wrote:

Let’s be honest, you can’t expect a man to implicate himself in the court of the Western Media; for Pete’s sake Musharraf has stated his recollection of the “truth”. I purchased the copy of the book because the recommendation came all the way from The White House -- “In other words he is asking you to buy his book”.

To Musharraf’s credit, regardless of his share of the authorship (solo-authored and edited, heavily edited, or another variation of authorship), the book is characterized by all the good features of a best seller -- a good plot, some suspense, several climaxes, the melodrama, romance, (self) character building and (others’) character assassination, and a series of lessons from what Hillary Clinton would refer to as the “University of Life”. Admittedly, he makes a “make-believe” case for his gallantry and strength of character in saving the nation from a clear and present danger -- from being bombed to Stone Age.

Honestly I was impressed by his strength of character, the ability to face and overcome the challenge after challenge including his eventful military career but excluding his romance which he falsely defines as a mere crush. That was true only till he admitted violating his promise to “remove (his) army chief’s hat by December 31, 2004” (P:177), and till I started external validation of his accounts of events, including the handling of Dr. AQ Khan, and assessment of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Being a fellow Formanite (from F.C. College), I strongly regret him being proud of making time delayed Bomb (P:33) as a college student, and detonating three of them; thus promoting the image that an average Pakistani acquires such combat skills (which are almost synonymous to terrorist skills) right from college days. Anyway, I would strongly recommend the book if you are the innocent hillbilly kind who take things at their face value, particularly if you are fond of “reality shows”. As a reader, you may even get some ideas for your own book “Politically Correct Shortcuts to Top”. You can skip the Chapter 19 “Kick starting the economy”, which reads more like “Excerpts from a progress report to World Bank”.

  • 33.
  • At 12:00 PM on 12 Oct 2006,
  • zaheer mangi wrote:

in the line of fire is very important book our country

  • 34.
  • At 07:46 AM on 13 Oct 2006,
  • shahbaz wrote:

president musharaf is a great leader and his book is a step for pakistani people. people of pakistan are debating on his book and issues which he nention in this book and i think this thinking process can create very healthy society. No doubt president musharaf have very bold personality and people of pakistan had not such a great leader before.

  • 35.
  • At 01:01 PM on 21 Oct 2006,
  • Kent wrote:

Last year, i visited Pakistan. I was really impressed by its economical growth and social development. this man is doing great for his country and people of his country.
I read few chapters of book. he has explained all events truely and frankly.

  • 36.
  • At 05:04 PM on 21 Oct 2006,
  • kaleem arshad haral wrote:




  • 37.
  • At 03:27 PM on 23 Oct 2006,
  • Sammi wrote:

Try to bee in Musharraf's shoes, it is not that easy. All you who are criticizing Musharraf, why dont you try that. In the line of fire, is one of the best books ever. The pakistani people should be happy for having a president like him. Pakistan was in a deep waist of economic and political trouble, and this man saved the country.
Keep on doing you good work, MR. Musharraf.

  • 38.
  • At 12:35 AM on 26 Oct 2006,
  • Brenda wrote:

who exactly censors these sites?

What is the political motivation behind the selective moderation and exclusion of thought provoking views not normally reflected on the BBC?

Why did my contribution on the unfair and hypocritical accusations laid against President Musharraf by the establishment in the UK not get posted?

  • 39.
  • At 08:42 AM on 29 Oct 2006,
  • Sajid Musharraf wrote:

I read This And totaly Agree With This.
Good Luck "Musharrar",Keep it up.

With Best Wishes & Regards,
Sajid Mumtaz

  • 40.
  • At 10:03 AM on 29 Oct 2006,
  • Attaullah Khan Ahmandi wrote:

I read This And totaly Agree With This. I was watching Daily Show with John Stewrt when he interviewed Musharaf Today,he is a honest, well knowledged and respected man. The guy made the decision after giving a long thought process according to him" if i wouldnt have allow United States my land, they would have come from another way, crossing into Pakistan Air Space or someother way.". He not only saved a poor country from launching a war that would destroy its economy more also gained more profit by aligning with America.
people of pakistan are debating on his book and issues which he nention in this book and i think this thinking process can create very healthy society. No doubt president musharaf have very bold personality and people of pakistan had not such a great leader before.

Best of Luck to him
Attaullah Khan Ahmandi

  • 41.
  • At 10:12 PM on 31 Oct 2006,
  • saurabh dogra wrote:

I read the book, and did a little research as well.

1.CIA bounty rewards:
CIA paid bounties in millions to Pak for catching terrorists.The Urdu version keeps the part about capturing the suspects in the chapter called Taaqub or Manhunt but the part about earining millions from CIA had been dropped.
when Mush. was asked by journalists in N.Y. regarding this he said he had made a

2.Kargil conflict in 1999:
Mush. said India's army came off worse in the fray, even to the point where the military ran out of coffins for their dead. Yet he omits to mention the hundreds or thousands of Pakistani fighters who were killed in a humiliating retreat.

3. Female emancipation and Mukhtaran mai's gang rape:
promises effort to devolve power to the local level, and the creation of elected councils with fixed quotas for women representatives. There are also quotas for women in provincial and national assemblies.
A little story details missing from the book regarding Ms. Mukhtran.
(Ms. Mukhtaran is a woman from a benighted village in Pakistan. Her brother broke a taboo by having a (consensual) sexual relationship with a woman from a tribe deemed superior to his own, a village tribunal decreed that the brothers of the higher-status woman could right this wrong by having their way with Ms. Mukhtaran.)
Pres. Mush. said Ms. Mukhtaran gang rape had become “a money-making concern” and ordered a travel ban on her when an NGO wanted to fly her to U.S. to publicize her case. Furthermore he said that he does not want her “to bad-mouth Pakistan”. This kinda raises my eyebrows wondring that will this man be able to create equality for women in his state. Sometimes not so favourable decisions have to be undertaken which he obviously did not take in regards to Ms. Mukhtaran's case.

4. The timing of the book release:
Election time is here, next year to be specific and General Musharraf is increasingly unpopular because of war in nothern province and economic reasons.
Anyone can tell the book at this time was released in an attempt to raise the General's rating among the citizens of Pakistan.

Book does not state all the facts, the content is full of self praise which at times gets irratating. But I had to admit it was fun to read. Read for entertainment purposes only.

President Musharraf:
After coming to power he did make good changes in the government and the constitution.He was a good leader for Pakistan during the time of 911. He did what he had to do in intrest of his country during that crucial time.
To stay in power he needs take practical economic decisions for the well deserving people of Pakistan than just publishing a mere showcase of a book. He needs to make up his mind wheather he wants to be a President or a General.

  • 42.
  • At 06:58 PM on 02 Nov 2006,
  • Farman Ali wrote:

Salam to all Pakistanis.It the true statements from the Brave and King Heart President.It was the time to show how much power we have and there is some one who can lead the countery without any forign threats.After writting this book Mr.President has prove that unless he is there Pakistan is in the safe hands.
May Allah bless him and give him a long life.
with all best wishes and regareds,
Farman Ali.
Quetta Pakistan.

  • 43.
  • At 01:35 PM on 03 Nov 2006,
  • HABIB JAN wrote:

China and Pakistan has got independence almost on the same time.china is growing tremendously both militarily and economically.Because it has got true leadership all the way.After a Jinnah and Bhutto,Musharraff is a man who has the charismatic ability and strenght to lead our country into the path of prosperity and make it a true moderate Islamic state.whatever he has written in his book is true and he is the persona who can write like that.Whatever decisions he has taken so far was for the best interest of this great nation.In todays circumstances,we really need a leader like him not coward and stupid leaders.All sensible and reasonable people in pakistan(which are in majority) do like him and his policies and support him.
I pray for his long life to make this country a true moderate islamic state.

Habib U Jan(peshawar)writing from London

  • 44.
  • At 04:43 AM on 10 Nov 2006,
  • shah adnan wrote:

What the hell is this? we all know how was the condition of Pakistan before Musharaf and what is the condition right now. His policies are the best. He is against terrorism... He is fighting against terror , not against Islam or with our muslim brothers. The Muslim Leaders here are making nonsense. They dont want peace, they are Not even MUSLIMS, i can say. In Musharaf's Government the country is prospering....Look at the Facilities now.....We want pakistan to be on the top. its not possible if our brothers , instead of doing better start criticizing our leaders. They should be good citizens first and then they should pay their efforts to make Pakistan the No 1 country of the World. Stop Criticizing others..the one he is doing well...APPRECIATE him..... Dont Discourage, GENERAL MUSHARAF , we are with You... the Youth of Pakistan is with you...Our DREAM is to make Pakistan a Peaceful and a prosperous Country.... About the Book, i havent read it but i know what is inside is all true and i appreciate his efforts..... KEEP it Up ! Musharaf...


  • 45.
  • At 12:37 PM on 10 Nov 2006,
  • Fawwaz Siddiqui wrote:

A Good Commando, A Good Leader And A Good Author Too. I Have Read Some Articles Of The Book And I Just Wanted To Read The Whole Book. The Presidents Bold Decisions And His Standings Are Absolutly The Evidance Of His Leader Ship. His Decisions Show That There Was Only One Thing In His Mind His Country And His People What He Had Done Was To Save Us From Going Back To Stone Age. Thnx Mr President I Salute U

  • 46.
  • At 03:32 PM on 15 Nov 2006,
  • Danyal Khan wrote:

i am half-way through the book, and although Musharraf comes across a tad arrogant in his style of self-congratulation, i do believe this is down to his army training and native characteristic. subtlety is not a strong pakistani/subcontinental characteristic! i just hope egotism has not become an overtaking trait during his time in office.

having said this, his intentions and ambitions for his country come across as sincere and positive in the book. he appears to have strong principles and character; who is working hard to repair the damage caused by previous rulers. this is a forward-thinking, liberal and progressive man, who is was much needed in order to re-route pakistan's course for the future.

many pakistani's may not understand some of his decisions in the short-term, because previous politicians were crude and zealous in their decisions, whereas musharraf's decisions are more intellectual and lie in the long-term interests of the country rather than personal greed.

  • 47.
  • At 03:21 PM on 19 Nov 2006,
  • muzaffar wrote:

presedent of pakistan
i m from balochistan
we r former but mna mister zafarullah khan jamali and his brothers r burden for us there,s zamin r on put feater canal but they stoping our water although our zamin are on keerther canal so we have not water for drinking plz help us by sending army they don,t bear to our canals water our life is become death for us and for our childern.
mr jan muhammed jamali also involve in this crime plz help we r poor zamindar.
if u cann,t help us then tell us any way.
in june we weit your army because we perpearing for rice.

  • 48.
  • At 05:35 AM on 27 Nov 2006,
  • Hasan wrote:

All I can say is that I believe in his words strongly when ever he says "SAB SE PEHLE PAKISTAN" when ever his decision is required. It can only come by heart from a very patriotic person. He's definetly working to improve from the grass root level and the best part is the transparency, the way he's taking the people along. And this book is a perfect example of it.
We salute you President Musharaf for all your efforts and the youth of Pakistan is with you. We have confidence in you and know that you'll never let the nation down as it is also in your line of work when you took oath under the Army. You are indeed a gift from Allah to the People of Pakistan.

  • 49.
  • At 04:48 PM on 28 Nov 2006,
  • Yasir wrote:

A self praising yet interestingly analytic book. It can’t be categorized as good or bad. The position he hold, he is responsible for all what happened and is in much better position to know the reality. Indeed each person has different perception of the certain events.

I always support Pres. Musharraf for his mature ways of handling issues. His action and decisions always are communicated through media. But having a personal perspective of President gave a detail room for analyzing the situation and out come independently. Good effort..

  • 50.
  • At 07:03 AM on 07 Dec 2006,
  • Usama Siddiqui wrote:

well most of the people commenting about the book have not really read it. i would say that for the first time atleast in the history of pakistan i have seen anyone candid enough to describe every thing according to his point of view without bullying the reader that he has to believe it, in order to make sense of it. i would say one of the best works as a memoir in english for a Pakistani. thumbs up for Mr Musharraf.

  • 51.
  • At 03:23 PM on 09 Jan 2007,
  • Emaad Hafeez wrote:

Onething i really admire about him is that, he does not hides himself from his nation he is same Musharaff when he is in his home and when he is out in front of public...

  • 52.
  • At 07:45 PM on 21 Jan 2007,
  • Shehryar Hussain wrote:

He is an excellent leader, I am very happy to finally have an educated leader.


With due respect it is requested that we are the poor constables of the punjab police serving in the various departments of punjab police like''traffic police,disttrict police,eliete force and punjab highway patrol.''.we belong to very poor families and most of us were oppionted in your presidentship,it means that we are those plants which you have planted.we are educated persons and were very much hopefull at the time of oppiontment,that we might get permotion after some time through a proper system.luckyly one year before the promotion system for the graduate constables named POLICE CADIT SCHEME was announced by the government after almost 13 years.successful candidates might be selected as ASI.we submitted our applications and the proccess get started,interviews held by punjab public service commission.but at the eleventh hour this proccess stoped by PPCS.from that time we are waiting our promotion.several time we contected the PPCS and also our departmet but they are not taking it seriously.we think that there might be some kind of political or corruption facters are entertaining this proccess,otherwise there is not any facter without these facters.we tried our best at our level,but nobody heard us.that's why as the last hope of our wishes we are sending you this letter to take a SAOMO MOTO ACTION about this case because you are the last ant most powerfull hope after GOD.we think you should deal this case at your first prefrence.and will ask question to the concerned departments.we are also sending the copy of this letter BBC & JUNG news papers editors.may GOD protect you from all kind of misshapes,and keep you on us forever.for the sake of peace and justice.we also addmire your policy in this critical sittuation of suprime court and CJP reference.
we are looking forward to hearing from you soon!
with bestr wishes,
all constables of punjab police.


  • 55.
  • At 04:06 PM on 30 May 2007,
  • Samira wrote:

I think President Musharaff's decision to publish his memoir whilst still in office is a bold move in itself. He highlights the problems that Pakistan faced in the wake of 9/11 and i believe it could have only been this leader to save the Nation in the safe way that he did. I dont understand why people forget the developments he's made for Pakistan especailly the Indi/ Pakistan friendship and economic stability. We seem to want to interfere and criticise his every move. If we had done that for Bhutto or Nawaz Sharif maybe we wont need to attack this man at present. This man is well respected and i believe Pakistan will be always indebted to him for a long time. For those who disagree with this, maybe they might see this once Musharaff leaves office.

In the Line of Fire - Pervez Musharraf
Is not a complete dosier,world knows US had never been a reliable friend and Bits are famous for "Divide and Rule". Having said that about US & UK, Pervaiz is mere an oppertunist.
he came in power by subverting PM elect.His tenure so for is of one of idiots. He has no belief in himself and no faith. He shouldn't have cowed down under one threat.He shouldn't have compromised on national interest and prestige. PAKISTAN was wrongly portrayed as a terrorist country, so be it.
He colluded with war mongers which prompted Iraqi invasion. Had he dealt American issue without total submission America wouldn't have invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.
He is living life of a coward, he will keep finding justifications and lies for his actions.
He has betrayed trust of soveriegn Pakistan and is equiably responsible for massacre of Million Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq.
"Lions life of one day is better than 100 days of coward, he will have to die hundred times".
Gash !
Had ZA-Bhutto was not murdered by yet another coward opportunist, World would have been diffrent,if not better.
Reminds me poem " Tojhay Kitab sey mumkin naheen faragh kay too, Kitab kohwan hey faqat sahebe Kitab naheen"

  • 57.
  • At 05:32 PM on 15 Sep 2007,
  • zeenat qureshi wrote:

I am doing research on the charismatic leaders and this book is proving to be the best guide for my project. life of Musharaf is something extraordinary and very impressive. there is honesty which is very rare in present time.

  • 58.
  • At 05:15 PM on 19 Oct 2007,
  • Mrs Green wrote:

I am not a Pakistani citizen, but married to a pakistani. I am a westerner and have not even been to Pakistan yet. As my interest in the country increased, I decided to read this book, and I must say - Pervez Musharraf is certainly a great man, and yes there are unfortunately bad comments and views about him and his memoir. A pity for those negative people who cannot appreciate what he has done for Pakistan over the last 8 years - well, certainly more than any of the leaders before, and given a further opportunity, YES, he certainly seems to be the only one who will continuously improve Pakistan as a country. In my country we also have such a great man, Nelson Mandela - to me these 2 leaders are in a league of their own that very few other modern day leaders can match. Pervez has not survived so many attempts on his life for no reason, he has became the leader of Pakistan for a very good reason - it cetainly seems that he has Allah in his side, so I will keep supporting him and pray that he has many years to come as the ruler of Pakistan, because - those of you who are so negative - lets see what happens to Pakistan if he is no longer - I am certain Benazir and Nawaz or the likes of them, will destroy in one month what Pervez has built up over the last 8 years.......

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  • 61.
  • At 04:56 AM on 21 Nov 2007,
  • Augusto Poderes wrote:

Mr. Musharraf is something else! I do not perceive conviction from his own words. On the contrary he has placed himself as a tiger against the wall waiting for his chance. No one can trust a person like him and the americans always knew it. He definitively is part of september eleven sequel, on what part he will end is a big question. Since that very first day of september 11 I have sensed him as a traitor to America and a very dangerous person for the whole world.

  • 62.
  • At 04:14 PM on 24 Mar 2008,
  • M faraz Haider wrote:

Musharraf is the only true leader pakistan has got after bhutto i think. He is one of the greatest man. Sincere to pakistan and its people. I dont trust political parties because they all are greedy rich people just needing some power so that they can increase their wealth.

Musharrf u still are the best one pakistan has got!

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