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Now I am pissed off

  • Justin Rowlatt -
  • 8 Sep 06, 06:37 PM

I wanted to write about the controversy I caused by asking a child if he was “pissed off”. The problem is my editor got there first, which pissed me off. What made it even more irritating is that he’d called me into his office the morning after my report and given me a mild dressing down. “A word of wisdom,” he said, “don’t swear at children.”

ethicalgore203b.jpgGood advice, but in the meantime I need to blog about something else and this week I met (to steal his gag) the former future president of the United States.

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Newsnight Review - Friday, 8 September, 2006

  • Newsnight
  • 8 Sep 06, 06:25 PM

Helen Mirren in The Queen; Gaddafi, the Musical; Mark Haddon’s new novel A Spot of Bother; and Little Miss Sunshine. Comment on the latest edition of Newsnight Review and let us know whether you agree with the views of our panel, Julie Myerson, Michael Gove, Toby Young and Jari Kunzru.

Friday, 8 September, 2006

  • Newsnight
  • 8 Sep 06, 05:37 PM

brown_smile203.jpgOn Friday's Newsnight: Michael Crick follows Gordon Brown around Edinburgh on a day when the former home secretary Charles Clarke laid into the chancellor; we ask was George W Bush's claim that secret CIA prisons helped thwart terror attacks just an attempt to sweeten the pill of Wednesday's admission the prisons exist; and a contrite Ethical Man meets ethical Al Gore.

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