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Thursday, 31 August, 2006

  • Newsnight
  • 31 Aug 06, 03:59 PM

reid1_203.jpgJohn Reid gave himself 100 days to sort out the Home Office – has he succeeded? Is it time to allow people to buy a kidney if they need it? And a look at Qatar’s schools – who has the best education service in the world? Comment on Thursday’s programme below.


  • Newsnight
  • 31 Aug 06, 03:34 PM

The Human Tissue Act which comes into force overnight means for the first time it will be legal for living individuals to donate organs to complete strangers out of purely altruistic motives. However, they won't be allowed to do it for hard cash.

Given the scale of organ shortages in the UK – the waiting list for kidneys alone stands at over 5,000 - and the flourishing black market in transplants overseas, isn't it time we sanctioned cash-for-kidneys?

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