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It's no breeze

  • Justin Rowlatt -
  • 29 Aug 06, 06:59 PM

I’ve been trying to get a wind turbine ever since I first had the title Ethical Man foisted on me by the Newsnight editor six months ago. Wind turbines are this year’s must have eco-accessory and I was keen to bolt my new credentials firmly to the roof of my terraced house.

I live in a borough that boasts about how green it is but getting the planning permission I need has not been easy. My application didn’t get any formal complaints from neighbours but Camden still wanted me to undertake an expensive acoustic survey.

Meanwhile I’ve had to watch as ethical fellow travellers David Cameron, the Tory leader, and Malcolm Wicks, the Energy Minister, have been granted permission for their turbines despite local opposition.

Then today my wait came to an end. On Friday Camden council decided that I could install my environmental virility symbol on my home, though my permit only allows for a temporary erection – six months only.

As an ethical man, I wish Messrs Cameron and Wicks all the best with their turbines, but I thank Camden that at last I am back in the race.

Tuesday, 29 August, 2006

  • Newsnight
  • 29 Aug 06, 06:24 PM

stemcell_spl203100.jpgThe sale of false stem cell treatments; Uganda's ceasefire; and an interview with Michael Brown, the federal emergency chief who became the fall guy for Washington's inept handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Tell us what you think of Tuesday's programme here.

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