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Flying whilst Asian

  • Newsnight
  • 23 Aug 06, 05:03 PM

Tonight we interview the two Muslim men who were kicked off a charter flight home from Malaga - not as a result of intensive security checks but of suspicions voiced by fellow passengers.

They appear to have taken the experience rather well - and admit they "collapsed laughing" when they realised what had happened. So was this a case of what one senior met officer called "the new crime of flying whilst Muslim" - a phrase he coined on the programme just a week earlier? Or was their behaviour sinister enough - as fellow passengers still insist - to justify the actions taken?

Has passenger profiling has already begun - "vigilante style" and is this type of incident only likely to increase if the public take to their heart the oft-heard call to be "the eyes and ears in the war against terror"?

Going for gold

  • Justin Rowlatt -
  • 23 Aug 06, 03:03 PM

london2012_203.jpg“You can taste blood in your mouth, your lungs are burning, your legs are screaming at you. If you don’t believe in yourself you are not going to get there”.

Sounds like fun doesn’t it? It’s what one of Britain’s most promising young rowers, eighteen year old Mohamed Sbihi, says it takes to win a world class race.

He’s not someone who’d ever considered rowing until a team from GB Rowing turned up at his urban comprehensive armed with measuring tapes and strength testing machines. To Mo’s surprise they told him he was one of the estimated one in 10,000 of us who have what it takes to make it to the very top of world sport.

We feature Mo and his partner Charles Cousins in a report on tonight’s programme about how UK Sport is searching for the next generation of sporting superstars to compete at the run up to London 2012. The body has been given almost £600 million in total to develop top talent, now it needs to find the athletes to spend it on….and UK Sport has asked Newsnight to help.

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