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Another BBC Turkey

  • Justin Rowlatt -
  • 18 Aug 06, 07:44 PM

turkey203a.jpgMeet the Newsnight turkey. Not some duff story that will make the editor cringe when he sees it, but the bright eyed bird that will grace the table of Ethical Man and his family this Christmas.

I know some in the Ethical Man audience will not be pleased to see Ned – as the farmer has called him. Some of Ethical Man’s most consistent correspondents are vegans arguing that the only ethical diet is one that is free of all animal products.

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On internet conspiracy theories

  • Newsnight
  • 18 Aug 06, 04:30 PM

roswell203152.jpgMost journalists use the phrase 'conspiracy theory' as an insult. Not because they're arch-rationalists who never entertain such notions in private but because if they publish something controversial and can't back it up, big trouble follows. You lot can say what you like about Diana and flying saucers and JFK, but hacks stick to the evidence, at least until they get down the pub.

But as the internet takes over the media mainstream, conspiracy theory (CT) journalism is getting a much wider airing than it ever used to, whereas the official version (OV) is no longer shifting copy like it did. So we present our net veteran Adam Livingstone's personal rule-of-thumb guide to believing CTs and OVs:

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