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Off message

  • Justin Rowlatt -
  • 17 Aug 06, 06:22 PM

blogcomment203.jpgI am still very new to the world of blogging but already I am beginning to understand why so many people – including a number of my colleagues here at Newsnight – have become obsessed by it.

Journalists just love to talk about what people think about what they do. But our audience hasn’t always entered into the discussion. The audience figures show that about a million people watch Newsnight each night yet sometimes we get no virtually feedback whatsoever.

I say “virtually no feedback” because we do get at least two calls every night. These are made regardless of who is presenting the programme. One says that Jeremy is rude to guests. The other says that Newsnight is not worth watching without Jeremy presenting.

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Baby boomers and the Huffington effect

  • Newsnight
  • 17 Aug 06, 12:46 PM

huffington203.jpgAll week the BBC has been looking at the impact of the baby boomer generation in the run-up to the 60th birthday spectacular of the archetypal boomer Bill Clinton on Saturday.

The political, cultural, industrial and academic worlds on both sides of the Atlantic are currently dominated by baby boomers. This post-war generation has changed our world and are still in charge of it. But have they changed it for the better or worse? When we come to take stock, when the next generation take power, what will the legacy of the baby boomers be?

Are you a baby boomer, or someone who resents their domination of Western politics and culture?

Tonight we’ll be discussing baby boomer's impact with – amongst others - one of its most vocal members, Arianna Huffington. What do you want us to ask her and the others?

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