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Is David Cameron 'Built to Last'?

  • Newsnight
  • 16 Aug 06, 06:30 PM

cameron203.jpgOr is he destined to fail like Michael Howard, Iain Duncan Smith and William Hague before him?

On the day Dave unveiled the final version of his 'Built to Last' document outlining his vision for the future of the Conservative Party, Newsnight will be examining the Cameron revolution. Is DC laying the foundations of a bright Conservative future? Or is he just a wolf in sheep's clothing, all spin and no substance? Can a party of the right really prioritise the environment and the health of public services above tax cuts?

What do you think?

You can watch the report and debate - with Shadow Education Secretary David Willets - here.

Matches, vaseline and a note about Al Qaeda?!

  • Paul Mason
  • 16 Aug 06, 04:52 PM

Here in the newsroom we are watching live pictures of Boston airport baggage handlers roughly throwing a bunch of Brit passengers' luggage on the tarmac for a dog to sniff. According to wire reports the London-Washington flight was diverted because of a "confrontation" after a female passenger acting suspiciously was found to be in possession of matches, vaseline, a screwdriver and a note referring to Al Qaeda. Now who would get on a jet carrying this in current circumstances? Instant profiling by cynical members of the Newsnight team suggest a) a terrorist b) a tabloid journalist. As the old joke goes: Q. What's the difference? A. At least terrorists have supporters. Its all happening right now and we'll have the definitive take by 10.30GMT.

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