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A hybrid world

  • Justin Rowlatt -
  • 14 Aug 06, 02:40 PM

ethicalfamilycar203.jpgWell my colleague Paul Mason couldn't have been more frank about the difference between a blog and a diary. He says it is that "people who think you are an a*****e can say so immediately and have it hosted by the BBC!". Quite an opportunity, I'd have thought.

So I was pretty pleased with my first haul. Most of my correspondents seemed to look fairly favourably on my ethical endeavours. Even my very first respondee, Kate, who wrote to tell me "this "ethical man" crap has to be one of the worst ideas newsnight (sic) has ever had" - rather paradoxically concluded her message by wishing me good luck with the blog.

So here's another one of my ethical confessions...

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Passenger profiling - right or wrong?

  • Peter Barron
  • 14 Aug 06, 02:09 PM

air_wire203_152.jpgIn the 1980s, when the IRA was active and I was a scruffy youth with a Northern Ireland accent, I always used to get properly turned over at the airport flying to and from Belfast. Now, in a different era with a different threat, and a slightly neater haircut, I don't tend to. Fair enough, or not?

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