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Terror questions - do you have answers?

  • Daniel Pearl
  • 10 Aug 06, 12:24 PM

We awake to news that a major terror plot has been thwarted. Security sources claim that the group, who have been under surveillance for months, wanted to explode as many as 10 planes, probably somewhere over the Atlantic. Thousands of travellers are stranded, planes have been cancelled and the country's security threat has been raised to its highest level. There are a lot of questions we'll be trying to answer during the course of the day, for example:

1. how close were we to "mass murder on an unimaginable scale"?
2. have the security services found any explosives?
3. why did the police decide to swoop today?
4. were they members of a foreign terror cell or were they British-born?
5. how will this change the way we fly? Will we have to get used to flying without any hand luggage?

There are plenty more - let us know what questions you'd like answered, or if you can answer any of these.

Heard the news in China? No they haven't

  • Paul Mason
  • 10 Aug 06, 11:00 AM

Microsoft, Google, Skype and Yahoo were slammed today in a 149 page report from Human Rights Watch over their assistance to the Chinese authorities in censoring the Internet. It says:

"The above companies are complicit in the Chinese government’s censorship of political and religious information and/or the monitoring of peaceful speech in various ways—and, it is important to note, to widely varying degrees. They have all accepted at least some Chinese government demands without mounting any meaningful challenge to them."...

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