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Digital Dorothy

  • Martha Kearney
  • 9 Aug 06, 05:34 PM

fionabruce203.jpgWe are all getting a lot more letters and emails than normal because of the Middle East crisis; clearly an issue on which people do have strong feelings.

I perhaps should make it clear that generally we aren't getting secret instructions either from the Israeli government or Hezbollah as some correspondents have suggested.

In fact the only words in my earpiece come from Digital Dorothy. We no longer have a human PA in the gallery to give us timings because it's been automated.

Let me tell you a trade secret. Digital Dorothy who murmurs "two minutes to end of item" is, in fact, Fiona Bruce. We do obey.

An ethical blog...

  • Justin Rowlatt -
  • 9 Aug 06, 03:41 PM

ethicaldiary_203_120.jpgWelcome to my new "ethical" blog. Now I'm not the most computer literate of people so I don't really understand the difference between this, an ethical blog, and my previous ethical diary.

Ian - one of our online overlords - tells me that the important thing is that it will be easier for people to respond to the articles I post. Sounds like a bit of a mixed blessing to me but here goes…

My latest Newsnight ethical film is on how lobsters can help save the world. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Newsnight's Justin Rowlatt has agreed to take part in an experiment for the programme - to live as ethical a lifestyle as possible for a whole year...

Your mortgage rate is going's "odds on"

  • Paul Mason
  • 9 Aug 06, 02:21 PM

I've just been to the Quarterly Inflation Report press conference at the Bank of England. Last week they surprised the markets and raised interest rates to 4.75%. Today they gave a detailed account of the reasons and it brings no joy to mortgage payers but, maybe some to housebuyers. The bank's boss Mervyn King never gives "steers" about what future interest rates might do. But asked whether he might breach the 3% inflation benchmark, upon which he has to "write a letter" to Gordon Brown, he said it was 50/50 that it would happen in the next six months and odds on to happen over the next two years...

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