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I get demoted to a category

  • Paul Mason
  • 8 Aug 06, 04:09 PM

The blog looks wierd today because it is being changed into a generic Newsnight Reporters' blog. I will still be writing for it but I have managed to, in theory, persuade my fellow correspondents and presenters - and even some of those shadowy characters who really run Newsnight, The Producers, to write for it. Like the old blog it's an experiment - largely driven by the success of Idle Scrawl and the need for Newsnight to stop using analog technology (aka Stuart and Ian the web team) to organise online feedback. We will probably experiment again in 6 months time, and as a regular Typepad user I am already having a go at Vox. I am told the blog will sort itself out and my fantastically sarky picture will be back for those who are already missing it.

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