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World War 3.0 (Beta)?

  • Paul Mason
  • 18 Jul 06, 06:38 PM

gingrich203.jpgNewt Gingrich's pronouncement that we are "in World War III" has to be seen in the context of American politics. See this Seattle Times article for some context: Gingrich has been hammering Republicans for going soft and wants George W (Yo! Blair!) Bush to ratchet up the War on Terror into a full scale official World War III. Watch his Newsnight interview here. But here is how he put it on Fox News:

"When you have bombings in India, you have war going on in Afghanistan, you have war going on in Iraq, you have a war going on in Gaza and South Lebanon, you have Syria and Libya and North Korea actively plotting to defeat the democracies, you have Ahmadinejad, the leader of Iran, saying publicly he wants to defeat the Americans and eliminate Israel from the face of the earth, you have people plotting to blow up New York tunnels, you have Canadians plotting to blow up the Canadian parliament and behead the prime minister... My point is we're in a war!"

When I read that it prompted a few questions...

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