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Gutted: a failure of management, not of bottle...

  • Paul Mason
  • 1 Jul 06, 07:05 PM

sven203pa_martinrickett.jpgThere is a serious moral to England's defeat that makes it no less bitter: the whole campaign was marked by failures of management.

Sven picked too few strikers: incontrovertible. He never found a workable formation - never mind that: there was no philosopy, let alone style - other than the one they found after the 62nd minute, which is the default style Sven encouraged: Italian football circa 1990. He transmitted hesitancy to the entire team, and you could feel that right to the end - I have a hunch that Sven ordered them to put all penalties on the floor, so as not to risk being off target: I saw him for the first time ordering them to do something before the penalties and I bet that is what comes out.

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But these were just tactical failures of management. Sven's failure on the bigger picture was threefold...

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