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That Guantanamo decision in full...

  • Paul Mason
  • 29 Jun 06, 11:02 PM

Never say that Newsnight stands between you and the actual news, mediating and imposing its own interpretation. I know there are thousands of you legal bods out there just gagging to write exam papers or show off your detailed knowledge in the pubs around the Inns of Court on the basis of having read the Supreme Court judgment - of which an eminent American has just assured Newsnight viewers will be the last of its kind once all the liberal judges die. So, here it is: Hamdan vs Rumsfeld.

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I don't understand legal jargon at all, so I didn't get beyond the title. I'll just quietly ask who is this "al" that appears to be in cahoots with Rumsfeld, and why is his name not in capital letters? It's not that Al Qaeda bloke that's always getting mentioned in the papers is it? I think one of Newsnight's investigative team should dig around for signs of a conspiracy.

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  • At 03:52 AM on 30 Jun 2006,
  • David Hopwood wrote:

From reading the dissenting opinions, it seems as though the "eminent American" may well be right :-(

I think there should be an opening [via peaceful means] of the American Political System. Other parties should be receiving equal coverage such as the Libertarians [], Greens [], and Independents [there is an article on the Independent Party on WCCO [].

Even with the 'conservatives' now controlling the supreme court the right decision was reached. These people should and can still be tried but just because they might be terrorists doesn't mean they dont have the same judicial rights as others. It is possible that not everyone there is guilty.

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  • At 05:38 PM on 01 Jul 2006,
  • Zoran wrote:

A quote, taken out of its original context - - but it puts my thoughts in words just nicely:
"It is not what is illegal that is the outrage, [...] but rather what is legal",
that is, if anyone can tell the difference anymore.

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  • At 01:38 PM on 18 Sep 2006,
  • Paul wrote:

Bush should learn that torture is never acceptable in a civilised society. (...along with micky-mouse trials, and democratic shams)

Bush - you no better than an evil dictator.

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