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More on that EZLN formation

  • Paul Mason
  • 1 Jun 06, 12:33 PM

mason_marcos203.jpgThe blog yesterday generated a flurry of interest in the EZLN and a flurry of speculation among readers that I actually know something about football. I can categorically deny the latter, but for those interested in seeing the legendary correspondence between Subcomandante Marcos and the boss of Inter Milan, it's here....

In addition to offering to play in hobnail boots the EZLN offered to stage something more interesting that the Dageham Girl Pipers at half time. Marcos wrote:

"In order to differentiate ourselves from the objectification of women which is promoted at football games and in commercials, the EZLN would ask the national lesbian-gay community, especially transvestites and transsexuals, to organize themselves and to amuse the respectable with ingenious pirouettes during the games in Mexico. That way, in addition to prompting TV censorship, scandalizing the ultra-right and disconcerting the Inter ranks, they would raise the morale and spirits of our team. There are not just 2 sexes, and there is not just one world, and it is always advisable for those who are persecuted for their differences to share happiness and support without ceasing to be different."

What would Motty make of that? In the same spirit, earlier this year, as part of Newsnight's Latin America week, I tried through intermediaries to get a broadcast interview with the EZLN leader: and I offered to play him at Subbuteo, but he has not replied.

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