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China goes to the Moon for Helium 3 by 2024

  • Paul Mason
  • 19 Jun 06, 07:04 PM

moonchina20320.jpgChina's moon project leader Long Lehao told reporters that the PRC will put a man on the moon by 2024, with an unmanned lunar probe set to launch next year. Unlike the USA in the 1960s, the Chinese are not going moonside just to wind up conspiracy theorists and inspire rock bands: there is a serious economic purpose: Helium-3...

There is supposed to be a lot of the element Helium-3 on the Moon. I don't know if it makes your voice go higher if you breathe it in, but it does - theoretically - drive a nuclear fusion reaction, when combined with deuterium at high temperatures.

According to its supporters, it is 3x more efficient than today's nuclear power generation. Also it gives off less waste and radiation.

One visionary website has calculated that 4x space shuttle loads of 3He a year could meet the earth's energy supply for 10,000 years. The Russians are already thinking aloud about joining the "3He-rush".

The element could also prove popular because it is great for cryogenic freezing, being able to zap the cadaver of rich people's dead pets to the required temperature for future resurrection in seconds.

So at last an economic/military development that links the humdrum world of today (70 dollar oil, Iraq war, new nuclear rebuild debate) with the fantasy world of Eve Online and Sid Meier's Civilisation IV. I am only sorry I will not be around to report on the spot market, the labour standards, play Shufflepuck with the inevitable misfits who will inhabit the sleazy districts of the lunar mining region and boldly go, embedded with the Galactic Marines as it all inevitably turns nasty.

In the meantime, tune in to Newsnight's impromptu series of China reports this week, starting tomorrow at 2230 GMT on BBC TWO.

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Very interesting. I heard about this on CRI [China Radio International] [which I listen to on shortwave radio].

I was also wondering what China, USA, Russia, Japan, and South Korea could do to resolve the issue of North Korea

In my opinion the greatest achievement of 2007, was the Chinese reaching the moon.

Japan and India have put into action their own plans of reaching the moon too. And not just for the sake war, however cold it may-be. There is a serious economic purpose: Helium-3...

It has been calculated that 4x space shuttle loads of Helium-3 a year could meet the earth's energy supply for 10,000 years.

This proves that countries at peace and peace with their neighbours have the financial freedom to invest in space exploration, free from the constraints of war.

This must be a lesson to the West: Humanity can achieve a lot more than merely killing each other, by investing in life and construction, rather than death and destruction, giving us the means to explore space and go where no man has gone before.

Remember, there is a planet like Earth for each and every one of us out there, and all we have to do is find a ‘quicker-way’ of getting there.

My hope for 2008 is that Humanity ‘speeds-up’ and realises that fear, hate and mistrust have made us the slowest evolving species in the Galaxy.

I wish that America makes peace with Iran. That Gordon Brown has an easy year so that he can put into action his vision for Britain and that a lost little girl is found.

Just imagine what more we can do, other than killing each other…

Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year.

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