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Bolivia, footy, computers...

  • Paul Mason
  • 12 Jun 06, 03:33 PM

One of the best things about blogging is that you find kind of "separated at birth" people: if you like my blog's mixture of subjects then Oscar's blog - about Evo Morales, soccer tactics and PHP programming could be for you! (He just posted a critical dissection of my explanation of the offside rule under Saturday's posting).

Nuclear - now it's "how" not "if"...

  • Paul Mason
  • 12 Jun 06, 12:03 PM

sizewellb203.jpgGordon Brown's most recent statement flagging up a change in energy policy; plus the thin smidgeon of a revelation present in today's FT lead story are further evidence that the government Energy Review will propose the rebuilding of old nuclear power stations with new ones. The green lobby, which had tactically retreated from waste disposal and safety arguments to the high ground of "it's uneconomic" now finds that ground giving way. I take no view for or against new nukes, but here is how I am being briefed that the economic argument has been won...(by the way, it is said the review will appear in the last week before the parliamentary recess, yet I am told the policy document has been written already)...

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