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Freddie Starr ate my producer

  • Paul Mason
  • 23 May 06, 02:23 PM

freddiebite203.jpgOn Newsnight it is producers who do all the work. As business correspondent I get a regular producer assigned to me, and this is often seen as a career path to the heady heights of going into warzones, or the BBC's Millbank political nerve centre. However this is what happened to the career path of one recent business producer. I am not sure whether he qualifies for an Equity card for this... Why is he doing this? Click here.
Watch on Wednesday night for the full story...

Why I worry about Google…

  • Paul Mason
  • 23 May 06, 01:15 PM

I went to Google’s “Zeitgeist” conference for its European business partners yesterday. The non-business highlight was that the England team were in the same hotel and David Beckham wandered into the reception in his kit! For the record his metatarsals looked in great form...

The business highlight: here is an anecdote told by Eric Schmidt, the CEO, about how they came up with their world beating online ad system (which is destroying everybody else’s business model of advertising day by day):

“Larry Page was stapling spreadsheet printouts to a whiteboard one Friday afternoon...

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