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Who should go (if anybody)?

  • Paul Mason
  • 28 Apr 06, 11:09 AM

UPDATE! Stop voting! Charles Clarke "won".

This is your last chance to vote in the Newsnight straw poll on which of Tony Blair's troubled ministers should resign or be sacked. Click here. I should point out that the latest intel suggests Labour MPs are rallying round Charles Clarke. Also - the internet poll only allows you to choose one!

Guestblog: Will high oil prices delay peak production?

  • Paul Mason
  • 28 Apr 06, 08:30 AM

John Busby, who runs a website with the grand title "The Busby Report: A national plan for survival in the 21st Century" took issue with comments by my colleague Stephanie Flanders on Tuesday's programme. Her thesis was that high oil price will delay the so-called "peak" of production by dragging previously expensive resources like tar sands into the market. He's sent us a detailed contribution on this and, as "peak oil" is a very interesting debate I am pasting his guest contribution below...

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