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A device needed to wipe journalistic brains...

  • Paul Mason
  • 26 Apr 06, 09:36 PM

A nice article in the Slate about how journalists can go about evading justice when the state comes after your notes. I particularly liked this suggestion...

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Orwellian propaganda on Iran and Venezuela?

  • Paul Mason
  • 26 Apr 06, 11:51 AM

A sharp eared viewer last night took offence to my description of Iran and Venezuela as "America's enemies". But I did not exactly say that. Here's what I said (in a piece giving the political backplot to the $75 oil price). You can also watch it online at

"What’s really spooked the market is global politics, not economics…[I went on to quote Ahmadinejad's speech on oil prices being too low. I continued...] And America’s other big critic, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, threatened that if US attacks Iran oil could reach 100 a barrel. But is the market right to react so violently to the threat of conflict between America and its enemies?"

Here's what Ed Murray wrote to me in response, posted on Medialens...

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