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Should Medialens be allowed NOT to come on Newsnight?

  • Paul Mason
  • 25 Apr 06, 06:54 PM

My editor is involved in a flame war with the guys at Medialens, that very helpfully critical watchdog of media bias. They have been invited to come on Newsnight tonight to talk about the allegation that the mainstream media is stoking up the conditions for an attack on Iran. But they won't come on! To read their reasons vist their website. There is a heated debate on this at the Medialens bulletin board and Idle Scraw cordially invites you to hit the comment button below and join in the debate here as well. Personally I think the way out of the impasse is for the Medialens spokespeople to lay down certain conditions for coming on: all sorts of other people do it and sometimes get away with it! Just a thought....

Upsum 3

  • Paul Mason
  • 25 Apr 06, 10:44 AM

It looks like the rest is going to be about technology and user generated content - and I now have to go off and do my day job. Therefore a quick summary of what the BBC bosses have said this morning... (I will follow it from here on in on the Grauniad's media website)

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2 and 3: Entertainment and Youth

  • Paul Mason
  • 25 Apr 06, 10:40 AM

Entertainment: bigger, fewer dramas. More emotion. More brave commissioning. "Critical role of talent" is emphasised.
Youth: 12-16 age group to get a new teen brand. Diversity to be taken more seriously. Core TV programming to be pushed towards the youth audience (without of course losing the grandads).

A montage of "approved" Entertainment content is shown

  • Paul Mason
  • 25 Apr 06, 10:36 AM

Little Britain man being sick
Katherine Tate going am I bothered.
Doctor Who being attacked by a wolf
The Apprentice
The Manchester Passion
Last Night of the Proms
A shark eating a seal...

Thommo's big themes: 1. Martini media

  • Paul Mason
  • 25 Apr 06, 10:28 AM

1. Martini media - anytime, anyplace anywhere (and hopefully not as they say in the drinks trade "twopence a bucket". Reinvent BBC website BBC Web 2.0 is the name of the project.
- BBC News to grow beyond its 250m audience. Sounds like a big investment in sport and sports journalism.
- "Mission to educate" - going to be bigger. More Planet Earths.
- Music - one pan-platform music strategy for BBC. Create your own virtual music channel.
- Audiences want more than information and knowledge.
Now Alan Yentob is going to talk about Entertainment...

Upsum 2

  • Paul Mason
  • 25 Apr 06, 10:24 AM

They are going to make fewer but better programmes and they are going to try and engage "low approver audiences" - ie people who dont go ski-ing on a regular basis.

...a guy has leapt onto the stage to talk about 2015

  • Paul Mason
  • 25 Apr 06, 10:15 AM

Content strategy is moving to "on-demand". He is the fourth person on stage so far and none of them has worn a tie. Now they are showing a film with "Roger X" who runs a free content website. Now George Entwistle is on - he used to edit Newsnight and now runs Current Affairs. He is explaining "on demand". Now a radio guy is saying something interesting - on demand will mean live radio is going to decline. Now Emily Bell is on - Guardian Unlimited supremo - saying if the BBC gets this wrong it will disappear.

Heck we are now hearing about metadata! Emily Bell is explaining why archiving is the new accountancy - ie not boring. Entwistle is talking about cross-platform 360 degree commissioning. Roly Keating, my boss's boss, is questioning the 30 and 60 minute slot. A man with very trendy glasses is inveighing against tunnel vision.

Entwistle spells out the new philosophy: for higher impact programmes with the same or fewer resources - make less.

...a vox pop of working class people is shown

  • Paul Mason
  • 25 Apr 06, 10:11 AM

Young man: I watch BBC3 for "Three pints of lager"
Young woman: I've got Sky so I only watch normal TV to watch Eastenders
Young clubber type: The interactive's quite cool... on Sky Digital
(Sound of traditional BBC types leaping from balconies into Wood Lane)

...a marketing bloke takes the stage

  • Paul Mason
  • 25 Apr 06, 10:07 AM

"A rapid move to digital" - most organisations have a revenue challenge, but the BBC faces a relevance challenge. Big social changes across the UK. 1/10 from ethnic backgrounds. Only 21% of homes are from traditional families. Some figures:
1/3 of people feel that the BBC does not make programmes for them.
60% of 16-24 don't watch 3 hours of TV a week.

...Thommo takes the stage

  • Paul Mason
  • 25 Apr 06, 10:01 AM

He is wearing a yellow open necked shirt. Technologies revolutionising everything we do. Big shifts in programme strategy. Not just authority from the BBC is needed - but relevance. We haven't grappled with the creative challenge of digital. (The audience is full of the BBC great and good and the camera keeps cutting to Alan Yentob).

The BBC's "creative future" - live on this blog

  • Paul Mason
  • 25 Apr 06, 09:53 AM

You might be interested to know that the BBC bosses are making a big set of announcements about what you'll see on your TV set, computer, iPod and mobile phone in future. They've managed to spin it so that the story about Grandstand being axed is the top line but expect a lot more far reaching stuff than that. I don't usually blog about internal stuff but you lot are paying for this - and it might be the last strategic revamp the BBC goes through before digital communications kill the old idea of "broadcasting" - ie one source of information going to many people at the same time...

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