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BAE-Airbus issues go much deeper than jobs

  • Paul Mason
  • 7 Apr 06, 09:24 AM

* From now until after Easter this blog will become more blog-like and less of a DIY newspaper about Bolivia. I am back, my long-form Bolivia stuff goes out on BBC World/N24 on Saturday morning (in that slot I call "hangover TV") and I am on leave for more than a week. I will mostly be round and about the British Library, a prospect which makes me emit that sound Homer Simpson makes when he is given beer. I will keep blogging, but it will be wierd because I might blog about something but someone else will be reporting it on the telly. For example:

Most of the reporting of BAE Systems decision to sell its stake in Airbus to EADS has focused on the jobs issue. This has already elicited strong affirmations that the jobs are safe for the people who make the wings of the A380. But there are bigger things at stake: the future of BAE and the future of British military-industrial strategy (if there is one)....

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