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Evo and Me: On BBC World at 12.30GMT

  • Paul Mason
  • 5 Apr 06, 11:19 AM

Hey everyone outside the UK. A short version of my report will be on BBC WORLD at 12.30 GMT, and I will be live on set shortly afterwards. Tune in if you are awake! Send me questions quick if you want them answered!

Evo Morales: Padlocked in the Palace

  • Paul Mason
  • 5 Apr 06, 09:08 AM

An exclusive interview with Bolivian president Evo Morales. Watch tonight on BBC2, 2230 GMT.

Shortly before 5am the military police huddled in the doorways of the Plaza Murillo begin to stir beneath their capes. The door of the presidential palace creaks open and the guards, in scarlet tunics and white webbing, begin a rigmarole of shuffling, stamping and saluting that is the changing of the guard. The police are muscular white guys in camo; the guards are willowy young indigenous kids – the regiment has always recruited from the ‘indios’ for ethnic novelty value. Now, as the MPs strut away, the guards smile nervously at each other from beneath their kepis: then they giggle. It’s still surreal to be guarding one of their own..
“Look,” Evo tells me, after striding into the palace shortly after, “sixty years ago, our grandparents didn’t even have the right to walk into the main square – not even in the gutter. And then we got into parliament – and now we’re here.”

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