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Carlos, Ernesto and Che...

  • Paul Mason
  • 2 Apr 06, 05:14 PM

Here's the script of my FOOC. If you have been following this blog you will have read bits of this before. If you want to listen online click here. There's interesting stuff about the Chinese and Lula too, plus Charles Taylor's extradition from Nigeria and mobile phones in the Phillippines. And don't forget to make a date with Newsnight tomorrow to see if our live broadcast from Lima comes off, and see my colleague Greg Palast's interview with Hugo Chavez.


I had come to El Alto to meet, well, I had better call him Carlos since that is the alias he gave me.

Carlos is an Aymara, one of the indigenous ethnic groups that make up 65% of the population in Bolivia.

And he is a revolutionary - one of the people who ripped up paving stones and threw dynamite to overthrow two presidents in two years....

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