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Airport mayhem in Bolivia

  • Paul Mason
  • 31 Mar 06, 05:46 PM

Apparently there has now been a clash between airport workers in Bolivia and the police, followed by unconfirmed mayhem at various other airports. The issue is Evo Morales' attempts to resolve the bankruptcy of the airline LAB. A couple of links here: La Prensa, Democracy Center and Indymedia.

I am FOOC-ed, Evo is in the bag

  • Paul Mason
  • 31 Mar 06, 03:30 PM

Hi everybody - sorry for the hiatus in the blog but I have been "working from home" (why do we say "from"?) on the piece that goes out as part of Newsnight's Latin America week next Wednesday. The reason I could not blog is because BT Openworld went down and I could only talk to an automated voice about what was wrong with it. The automated voice has now put things right but only after 48 hours of sheer hell, having to do analogue stuff like reading books and watching TV. Anyway you will be pleased to know I've been FOOC-ed...

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