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More on the bombs

  • Paul Mason
  • 22 Mar 06, 07:09 PM

The police have arrested two people - a US man and a Uruguayan woman - for the bombings. On TV here the foreign minister has accused the perpetrators of being neo-liberals and terrorists. Evo Morales, in Santa Cruz, has made a statement condemning the attacks as a provocation. Yet there is still a possibility that this could be the result of a drug war: it has not been confirmed by any police source that the explosive used was C4 (the military high explosive). However the scope of the damage to the hotel in the town centre suggests it was a big explosion...

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El Alto gets ready for the "Day of the Sea"

  • Paul Mason
  • 22 Mar 06, 04:49 PM


I have just visited the HQ of the Federation of Neighbourhood Assemblies (FEJUVE) in El Alto. They are getting ready to join the official parade tomorrow, which happens every year, to claim back the territory lost to Chile 127 years ago, and thus get themselves a coastline - and somewhere for their navy to sail apart from Lake Titicaca. Tomorrow┬┤s march will be the first under Evo Morales...

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