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Talk about Newsnight: Comment guidelines

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  • 17 Feb 06, 02:10 PM

Talk about Newsnight is a blog which aims to bring the programme team closer to its audience by providing an insight into our production process and offering a platform for review, analysis and debate of the subjects we are covering.

When joining in debates and responding to blog entries we are happy for you to criticise the programme and to ask serious questions about our coverage. Where we can we will respond.

Comments on the blog are moderated by an outside agency. They aim to remove comments which contravene our editorial guidelines, such as defamatory comment, contempt of court, incitement to commit crime, breach of copyright and use of profane, abusive or threatening language. As a guide, the BBC news website's Have Your Say section provides these house rules.

Comments should address the premise of the original post and subsequent discussion. Comments which are unrelated to the subject of the original post may be removed.

Should you have a question, query or comment on a matter not covered by a posting in the blog, please email us by using this form.

Please also bear in mind that posting a comment on the blog is not the same as lodging a formal complaint. Should you wish to make a formal complaint please use this website.

For comparison, here are links to some of the rules applied to blogs run by other news organisations: ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, Sky News, The Guardian.

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