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Map reveals surprising number of names for a very common garden species

Chris Hitchings

BBC Springwatch Digital Team

Slaters, Chuggy Pigs or Cheesy Bugs? How about Moch Coed, Woodywigs and Pishamares? 

These are just some of the different name for woodlice that have been getting social media users talking. 

A map featuring the names of species has been posted by Twitter user Jan Freedman, who curates the natural history collection at Plymouth museum. He says he is collecting a list of names from different British dialects.  

The original thread leads back to a discussion held by Twitter user @MooseAllain who was collating a list of names in the south-west of England. This idea was then expanded on by Tumblr user conorjh who created a map of the names in relation to their locations. 

On Twitter, users have been adding their thoughts to the discussion:

Do you have a name to add to the list? Tweet @janfreedman and @BBCSpringwatch, we'd love to know what they're called in your neck of the woods! 

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