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The Lock-in Quiz

Martin Hughes-Games Martin Hughes-Games | 19:00 UK time, Tuesday, 1 June 2010

For all of our dedicated viewers who turn to the blog and messageboards after the Pub Quiz we bring you the Lock-in Quiz!

Post your answers by commenting below.

Update 9 June: Answers are now at the bottom of the quiz. No cheating!

This week's theme is Who am I?

  1. I am the largest British shrew with red tipped teeth and often have white tufts of hair on my ears. Am I a common shrew, a bank shrew or a water shrew?
  2. Who am I?eye1 - auburn eye with orange fur
  3. My scientific name is Neovison vison and I was introduced to the UK in 1958 for my fur. Am I a mink, a rabbit or a fox?
  4. I am the most common bird of prey in Europe and have a habit of hovering near motorways making me the easiest to spot too! Am I a kestrel, a red kite or a sparrowhawk?
  5. Who am I? eye2 
  6. I am the smallest British carnivore and weigh as little as 50g. I have to eat every 24 hours to avoid starvation. Am I a weasel, a polecat or a kestrel?
  7. I'm the biggest bird of prey in the UK. I disappeared in 1916 but was reintroduced since. You can only find me in the far north of the British Isles. Who am I?
  8. Who am I?  eye3



Update 9 June: Thanks everyone for joining in!

Well done Nicola Main and Yvo Divo for getting them all right so quickly! 

1. Water shrew

2. Red fox - Image © Greg Morgan

3. Mink

4. Kestrel

5. Gannet - Image © David Roberts

6. Weasel

7. White tailed sea eagle

8. Damselfly - Image © Rob Ault



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