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Can you explain this web phenomenon?

Simon King Simon King | 19:09 UK time, Thursday, 10 June 2010

Just a few days ago as we were travelling en route to a new location we came upon a curious phenomenon. A massive web enveloped several metres of hedgerow, spread over a mix of nettles and elder this curious structure seemed to have engulfed the plants beneath it.

web across nettles

close up of webIt took us a while to work out what had created such a natural work of art.  Now we've figured it out but what's your guess?

Editor's update 14 June 2010: Thanks for the amazing response and well done to everyone who got it right. As Simon said on tonight's show, a Springwatch point for all who said spindle ermine moth.

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Video: what's been covering Dorset hedgerows in silky webs.


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