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The US on the UK Grime Scene

Mistajam | 16:58 UK time, Friday, 18 August 2006

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So, BET sent their cameras to the UK to cover the grime and UK HipHop music scene and above is what they came up with.

They feature Kano, Sway, Jammer, Lethal B and fact some of the Kano bits were filmed at UK Takeover (and it's refrenced as something positive within the scene)

What do you think? Did they do us justice? Is this good for the US to see?

Started this on the messageboards at 1Xtra, but lets move it to the blog...


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  1. 1.

    That has to be the worst, most biased documentary I've ever seen! And what's with the subtitles? All of the MCs on there were audible! It just goes to show that the US think they own the english language and they've a right to pretend to be the most superior country in the world! Bwoy, there's plenty wrong with their country!

    Still it over exaggerates the gun problem in this country and while people like to think their council estates are grimier than in America, they're nowhere near as bad as the projects in the US. There's one thing the Americans don't get and that's the dole! If they had spoken to people within the uk hip-hop community like Jehst, Klashnekoff or Rodney P, BET's audience would get a very different picture and would see that the grime scene is just hype! And I don't understand why Sway was in there, where's violence in his lyrics, just because he wears a brit flag over his mouth. It's just a typical ignorant american take on something that's outside their culture. Anything that's not American in origin is alien to the yanks and ridiculed, hence, the US turning half the world against muslims!

    We don't need the Americans for recognition anyway, screw them, what we need to do in the UK is build up our independent scene, and get props from our own people and not from a bunch of w*nkstas across the pond.

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