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Closing the Gap

Tom Edwards and Steve Phillips, your Mind the Gap authors.

It's goodbye from us, but not from the man on the left, Tom, to be clear.

Well there it is. Your humble Mind the Gap blog is a year old. Has anyone brought cake?

Over that time, Tom and I (though mainly Tom, a prolific writer) have brought you analysis of all that goes on behind the scenes on our transport network, kept you in the loop about Tube strikes, BorisBikes, the new Routemaster, Crossrail and questioned the Mayor.

We hope we kept you well informed about all things travel with a forum for your opinions.

We may as well go out on a high (though that's our view). Mind the Gap officially closes with this post today as the BBC are re-jigging the way blogs are posted.

But fear not.

You may already be reading Tom's new shiny Correspondent page which has been going for a few weeks now. The same service, but different look.

You can read his latest entry here about the Connaught Tunnel being recycled for Crossrail. Feel free to comment on the size of his head on his homepage too, it really dominates.

And for the latest on getting around London, please carry on following @BBCTravelAlert on Twitter.

I was privileged enough to write the first post on Mind the Gap, and am lucky enough to be writing the last.

Thanks to every one of you for taking the time to read and comment on what we've posted over the last year and a week.

And thanks to Boc Ly who set the blog up to be one of the most read across the English Regions. Though I suppose the Tube strikes helped.

So, please mind the doors on your way out. As we know, obstructing them delays your journey.

'Til the next time,


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