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Jacqueline Dalton

Senior Producer / Trainer – Humanitarian Programming, Jacqueline Dalton is a Senior Producer and Trainer with BBC Media Action, specialising in humanitarian communication and community engagement. Her work has included leading a major multi-country capacity-strengthening project to help aid agencies, media and governments communicate effectively with populations during crises. She has supported BBC Media Action’s ‘Lifeline’ communication responses to numerous emergencies including the Bangladesh Rohingya crisis, the 2015 Nepal earthquake, the 2014 West Africa Ebola virus outbreak, the Syria refugee crisis and conflict in Gaza and South Sudan. Before joining BBC Media Action, she worked in the humanitarian sector, and as a journalist and producer for the BBC World Service.

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    It has taken the aid community a long time to recognise the importance of listening to those affected by emergencies and providing them with reliable information, says our senior humanitarian trainer.

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