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Droning on

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Mark Cummings | 05:12 UK time, Thursday, 28 June 2012

Find out what this bit of kit can do on Thursday's Breakfast Show

The Alternative dictionary

Mark Cummings | 12:16 UK time, Monday, 25 June 2012

There is a wonderful book called "The Meaning of Liff" by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd.

They have a simple theory that there are many experiences, feelings, situations and objects that there isn't currently a word for...but there are plenty of place names that would happily fit the bill.

We have decided to take this theme on the show and build our own special Gloucestershire dictionary. Here are a few examples so far.

North Nibley...fizzy feeling before you sneeze

Ozleworth...blissful feeling after you have sneezed

Temple Guiting...feeling of total peace during meditation

Cheltenham...smug look worn by someone who knows they are right

Minsterworth...over enthusiastic member of a congregation

The Pludds ...impending feeling of doom having scoffed a Vindaloo

Frampton...lingering unpleasant smell no one can find a reason for or own up to

Dinglewell...Scraggy bit on the "Sellotape" you try and pull up to get it moving again

Matson...guilty look on a dog's face when they've been in the kitchen bin on the face of a member of the WI when you crack a rather near the knuckle gag ....they think it's funny but not prepared to laugh out loud in case their mates are not amused

Chedworth is a unit of currency in a bartering system using cheese

Birdlip is a cheeky parrot

Longlevens...a nice lie in

Hucclecote...a little Norman Wisdom type trip!

Uley...feeling in need of a pint "amorous adventure in a motor vehicle with someone other than your partner or spouse"! Derived from early French "sin de ford" ..."nookie" on the riverbank! how you feel when you trip up a kerb or walk into a lamp post and realise someone saw you do it!

Adelstrop...that annoying feeling you get when 'you' just can't quite think of the appropriate word to describe something.

Many thanks to The Breakfast Show audience for your help. If you would like to add to the list please email me your delights to ideas for Daglingworth, Winchcombe, Red Marley, Clearwell, Arlingham, Cockadilly, Windrush, Dumbleton and Miserdon?

The "Monet" shot

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Mark Cummings | 11:30 UK time, Tuesday, 19 June 2012

We've been looking for the perfect field of poppies in Gloucestershire. Thanks for all the suggestions. This subject prompted the following email and wonderful photograph from Sonia.

Listening to you Thursday morning talking about the poppy field up by The Air Balloon brought back happy memories of when my late husband, Peter, came home one evening saying he'd seen this field full of poppies and he wanted to create his version of Monet's 'Poppy Field'.

My sister, daughter and I dressed up in long skirts, shawls and hats and off we went.
As I remember it was a lovely evening and the picture I've attached is my favourite out of those he took. I'm on the right.

Sonia...thankyou very much. Keep the stunning summer shots

Steamy weekend

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Mark Cummings | 11:51 UK time, Monday, 18 June 2012

Many thanks to Lynn for this little gem from the weekend.

BR Class 8P No. 71000 'Duke of Gloucester' storms through Stroud station with the outward leg of Steam Dreams Cathedrals Express, Southend - Gloucester on Sat 16th June.

Cool morning

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Mark Cummings | 09:49 UK time, Friday, 15 June 2012

Gloucestershire based adventurer, Kenton Cool, joined me on the show this morning...he has now climbed Everest ten times.

He completed his climb last month taking with him a special Olympic gold medal which was given in 1924 to the members of a British team who made an unsuccessful attempt to climb the mountain.

So what did we learn today...when he got home from his last adventure his wife and daughter were away on holiday and his next challenge involves a cycling mission in The Alps with former motor racing champion Alain Prost.

Clive survives the night

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Mark Cummings | 12:24 UK time, Wednesday, 13 June 2012

So did anyone brave the storms last week?

Our first major trip in Clive the camper van took us to Christchurch in the Forest of Dean. We chose the worst night of the year but managed to pull through!

This week we will head to Sherston near Westonbirt for a music festival...and the weather looks terrible. Keep sending in your photos of surviving the summer...all camper van and camping pictures

Paint a picture at dawn

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Mark Cummings | 12:13 UK time, Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Here is an example of the work of one of my guests this week

Every morning at 6:50 and 8:50 we take a look at someone's morning routine. Our "Morning Thoughts" feature delves into what time the alarm goes off, the morning commute and how people get their mind and body functioning first thing in the day.

This week it's Jonathan Watkins, owner and lead photographer at Photo-Glow photography. He was born in England but grew up in Holland and Indonesia and moved to Gloucestershire 7 years ago.

Hear him every morning this week as he paints wonderful pictures on the radio!

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