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You scruffy pup

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Mark Cummings | 12:01 UK time, Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Have you ever been turned away from a restaurant because you weren't wearing a tie?

The UK's 100 top restaurants do not require such attire. The Breakfast Show's Claire Carter went to Cirencester for some tips on how to look the part in the Cotswolds.

Here's a selection of comments from this morning's show... and if you know of anywhere in the county that demands a tie be worn please let us know... hotels, golf clubs, rotary organisations etc?

Ted in Tewkesbury says he was in New Zealand watching a cricket match and two men arrived wearing ties... this was commented on over the loud speaker and they were so embarrassed they took their ties off!

Lesley in Gloucester says a well dressed man is important... it shows that he cares and has standards...she adds that recently she went to a meeting were there was a German man immaculately dressed... says it did things for her!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jean in Tetbury says this sloppy dressing must stop... she says people need to take a leaf from the farmers... especially when they take their stock to market... well dressed with a tie.

Jill in Hasfield... working with her stock this morning...says country folk are always well dressed...especially when showing stock... says even the children will dress up.

John in Alvington says he and his wife go on cruises and from the moment you get on the ship you are told of the dress code...and you are informed when you will be formal for dinner at night.

Simon says years ago I was spending a sunny afternoon on a Gloucestershire golf course, when it was very very hot... and to survive the rising temperatures I removed my top....not only was I told off by the management...they told me to leave the course helping me on my way with the 'management golf trolley'

Dave in Tetbury... the wearing of the tie is a thing of the past, although I live by the adage that you only wear a tie for court appearances of funerals

Terry... When I joined Cass-Stephens insurances ltd in Spa Road 37 years ago you had to wear a jacket and tie. Things are a little less formal now and although you can remove your jacket it is still the dress code that a shirt and tie are worn. I think this is really smart and just adds to the professional image of the company, long may it continue. We did make an exception if the temp got into the 80s, by allowing the tie to be removed!


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