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Get your stockings off

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Mark Cummings | 12:01 UK time, Thursday, 9 September 2010

We have been discussing the "alternative" ways we used to fix our cars in the past.

Vehicles are now so complex it's virtually impossible to do a creative quick fix. Have a look at some classic examples of DIY mechanics...and if you can add some other examples post a comment or

Put an egg or a spoon full of mustard in a leaky radiator...

Cut a spud in half and smear on your windscreen if you wipers fail.

A pair of stockings can patch up an ailing fan belt

A coat hanger as an aerial

Paul says sawdust in an excellent cure a noisy back axle...

Derrick in Tetbury says he was told if your "big end" went you could fix it with some bacon rind!

Jim in Tewkesbury used an egg to fix a radiator...he says it's only the white of the egg that you can use, not the yolk, it's the white that welds the leak

Wendy in Tewkesbury says she has tried the mustard in the radiator...her husband has used a potato to stop windscreen freezing... and he's always kept one of her stockings in the car in case fan belt went

Alan in Gloucester used to work for RAC...he says if fuel pump went then you could fill the washer bottle with petrol and operate this with carburettor... also if accelerator cable snapped then you could attach choke cable and use this instead.

John in Stonehouse has several tales about fixing things on car - including chewing gum for burst tubes on the top of the radiator; wire to hold the exhaust up and several others


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