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Paper Monitor

11:45 UK time, Monday, 25 March 2013

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A Monday Challenge for you. Deduce, if you can, the story behind the Sun's front page headline.

Ready? Here it is:


Send your suggestions using the "Send us a letter" comments form on the right.

No cheating by clicking on this link to the Sun story in question. That would spoil the fun. So on no circumstances, if you are entering this no-prizes competition, are you to click on this link.

It certainly has Paper Monitor so deliciously baffled that your humble correspondent has decided not to read it for fear of being disappointed.

Meanwhile, the front page of the Daily Express Weather© has bad news for spring-watchers hoping that Easter will at last mark an end to what has felt like a looooong, cold winter.

"COLDEST EASTER EVER -15C Arctic weather to last a week"

MINUS 15!?!?!?!

In small print below the headline, an explanation:

"... wind chill could make it feel like -15C or colder across swathes of the country"

Ah. Paper Monitor knows all about wind chill thanks to its Magazine colleague Who, What, Why.



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