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Caption Competition

14:36 UK time, Friday, 25 January 2013

Winning entries in the Caption Competition.

The competition is now closed. Full rules can be seen here [PDF].

Tiger with snowmen

This week, it's a tiger in the snow at Longleat Safari & Adventure Park. (See what's it's like to be eaten by a tiger with this video filmed on a camera inside the snowman.) There is still no prize, except the traditional small quantity of kudos.

6. funkyhorn:
Aahhhh - that's better. I must remember - 'After chopping chilli, always wash hands BEFORE going to the loo!'

5. Whatever Next:
"....and this is my mate Frosty, Heeeeee's great!"

4. Woundedpride:
"Is it art? Is it art? Listen, I eat critics for breakfast."

3. SkarloeyLine:
"And if you fob me off with a John Lewis scarf this year, I'll rip your head off too."

2. George Huber:
"Tastes like frozen chicken."

1. T8-eh-T8:
As with many sequels, Life of Pi II (Adventures in Narnia) wasn't as good as the original.


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